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(Tim) If you'd like to know more about the woman preacher named Joyce Meyer, here's the lead-in from a brochure I picked up in Indianapolis two weekends ago when she'd hired the Conseco Fieldhouse for people to come hear her preach. She wrote:

Joyce Meyer Ministries Conference Tour '08 (Worship with Matt Redman)

Come Together--with One Heart, One Voice

Be a part of genuine worship and relevant, inspiring messages. Where thousands of people unite to experience real moments, real change--this is your defining moment.

This text alone ought to be sufficient for an evangelical pastor to warn his flock to steer clear of Ms. Meyer's "ministries."


Sounds like something from the Obama campaign, or possibly something from Norman Vincent Peale.

What I really hate are those _un_real moments. Nothing worse than that.

I had an unreal moment once - it was when I contemplated having a deep fat fried twinkie on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. My friend and I quickly got over it and us two "old ladies" went and played laser tag instead (just to annoy the teenaged boys).

Seriously, though, why does the term, "virago" keep running through my head?


I wonder how long it will take before she 'preaches' at Irving Bible Church.

Hank Hannegraff really tore her to shreds last night when a woman called in asking questions about Joyce Meyer.

Umm, what exactly is your beef with her lead in? From how I read it, it can be taken two ways, one as genuine, and one alluding to the idea that "regular worship" at your home church isn't genuine or real.

Perhaps for some folks, they want contemporary music for a church service and they don't get that at their home church. Maybe they need to hear the Bible preached from another way- sometimes it's just the ticket to get through to them. It's why teenagers can hear the EXACT same thing from me they hear from their Mom, but it seems REAL from me. It's how they view the messenger...not the message. Now, I've listened to my share of Joyce (had a baby who nursed at all hours so she's the only thing on to keep me awake). I've not heard her preach anything that harsh (like the slaughter of the peoples opposed to Israel back in Joshua) but her general preaching is practical. I wouldn't recommend her preaching as a sole source of Bible teaching, for personal in depth study is crucial, so is membership/attendance to a Biblically sound church.

Then there is the fact of her sex- a woman heading up a church. I won't weigh in on this as I am currently wading through this issue myself.

I have been reading your blog for a short while, and I'd like to know your thoughts. Thanks in advance, a reader in Oregon.

As a frequent reader of this site, I have appreciated many challenges and encouragements towards my Faith. I have a strong church home and worship regularly, and pursue the Word of God eagerly. Even when things have been said that bothered me on this site, I would continue to read and be challenged. Responding rarely. However, I am doubtful of any intent to respect or build up the body of Christ when I read the comment poking fun of Joyce Meyers. I, too, have watched her more often when I was a nursing mom --and do not often right now. But I certainly appreciate her outreach and passion for the Lord and would not put her down as this post does. This post is filled with arrogance and pride & is totally inappropriate. If she had done something harmful to her testimony, then having a discussion on the blog would be important. The Bayly Blog is no longer worth my time if the focus will now be putting down other committed followers of Christ. All this is doing is fueling the others who read (and respond) to make fun of her, too. I hope those who have commented are ashamed of themselves.


Perhaps you could tell us one or two of the points you heard - it may be helpful for Kathy and Ima.


From what I've seen, Joyce Meyer is a typical word-faith / prosperity gospel charismatic of the Ken Copeland / Osteen / Paul Crouch school, and as such should be avoided as a false teacher. Every time I've seen her it's been all "tips for living." No law, no gospel. Sex aside (though that's Biblical reason enough why she shouldn't be in a pulpit), what's the point of a shepherd who doesn't feed the sheep?

@Jack's Pipe

Well put my friend. Wolves who devour the sheep need to be pulled out by the scruff of their necks.

@Kathy Don't give up too quickly... the Baylys believe that Joyce Meyers' teaching is toxic and they do have good reason. I would encourage you to read up on the errors of the Word Faith movement as a whole, which Mrs. Meyers is a part of. The problem is that they they have diverted our attention away from the real problem (we are sinners and under the condemnation of God) and focused it on our "felt needs" like money, health, happiness and making those problems go away. While these are real issues that we all face, the job of a pastor is not to make people feel better but to preach Christ crucified for sinners so that people will be reconciled with God and receive the forgiveness of sins. The Word Faith pastors have turned the pastoral ministry into self-help therapy and blinded people's eyes to their real problem.

Put another way... if Christ were to have followed the Word Faith teaching, he would have encouraged those who wanted their stomachs filled to keep following him for that reason. But the real Jesus turned them away because this was not his ministry.

Hope that helps a bit!


I'd recommend you read David Powlison's The Therapeutic Gospel as it tactfully exposes the compromised gospel that Mrs. Meyers and many others preach. Its a short read and extremely helpful read.

BTW, its an article that can be quickly found by via googling "The Therapeutic Gospel"

>The Bayly Blog is no longer worth my time if the focus will now be putting down other committed followers of Christ...

My reason for posting this come-on Ms. Meyer used to get business here in Indianapolis is that her come-on is contrary to our Lord Jesus Christ when He equated following Him with losing our lives.

Ms. Meyer's printed pitch panders to those she's soliciting, and that's never the path of Jesus Christ or His faithful shepherds. The Gospel is taking up our crosses as He took up His, not using His Name and Passion to escape the suffering and death of true Christian discipleship.



Thank you! That was very... very well said.

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