"There is already a cure" for HIV/AIDS...

(Tim, w/thanks to Lucas) If anyone wants to know, I'm a doubter when it comes to the received wisdom concerning HIV and AIDS. Not a denier, but a doubter. Here's an interesting place to start...

Concerning Africa, most of what most people think they know about AIDS in Africa is wrong. Here's a superb review of Helen Epstein's The Invisible Cure: Why We Are Losing the Fight Against AIDS in Africa that appeared in the New York Times a year ago. I only now read it and leave you with these teasers...

Studies have shown that Africans do not have more sex or more sex partners than people in other parts of the world.

A United Nations AIDS researcher ...wrongly concluded that an increase in condom use was responsible for the decrease of the H.I.V. rate in Uganda. In reality...the primary reason for the decline was completely different: substantial numbers of Ugandans had ended affairs and remained faithful to one partner.

Beatrice Were, a brave H.I.V.-positive activist in Uganda, articulates it best: “I am often asked whether there will ever be a cure for H.I.V./AIDS, and my answer is that there is already a cure...”


When AIDS first hit the mainstream. There used to be a lot of discussion about it being 100% preventable, but now we act like it's completely unpreventable.

There was a point at which my son Daniel was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis - as we researched it we read that reasearch on CF was dramatically underfunded by the US government because it was officially listed as a "preventable illness" whereas AIDS was not preventable.

It turns out my son did not have CF but I was outraged to learn his life would have been considered a low priority by our government. My son who would have done nothing wrong other than to be born to parents who were recessive carriers for the CF gene when genetic screens are not required or standard for marriage yet there are many risk behaviors for AIDS that are preventable.

HIV/AIDS, like all infectious diseases with the primary mode of transmission being sexual activity, is 100% preventable and could be eradicated in one, 1, that is ONE generation - but no one wants to admit that what such an accomplishment would require is even theortically possible.

Oh no, it's more normal, good and healthy to willingly engage in voluntary behaviour that may shorten one's life significantly.


Yes there is a cure for HIV/Aids, if looked at in that simplistic manner. It is unfortunate there is still no cure for ignorance. Death is not a punishment. It is an inevitability.One thing I've noticed about most Christians today, most act as though God stopped talking to us. One does not have to be a Theologian to see what is happening today. To narrow it down to personal prejudiced is the sin. Open your eyes and start putting your mind at ease, you will leave during the rapture, for these are the end of day's.

>Death is not a punishment.

Then I've got a whole lot of theology to rethink.


Obedience really is that simple - it's sin that gets complicated.


Tim, is there a way to contact you? I'd like to know the name of your daughter-in-law who wrote that lovely dark poem, "You want a Wife".

Never mind.

Dear Gwen,

"Dark?" You mean the first part, right? The part that confesses sin.

Anyhow, I've passed on to Heidi the e-mail address you used to post your comment, as well as your request.

In Christ,

No, I meant the whole thing was dark and somber, but lovely. Just knowing her first name is enough, but thank you for passing my address to her; I wouldn't mind chatting with her a bit.

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