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(Tim) If you're like me, you sit at your desk listening to music from your iTunes queue. And you don't really want to use your computer's pathetic speakers because they have no midrange or bass and their high end sounds like fingernails scratching chalkboard. But you don't really want to use those cheap plastic jobbies you can get for $15, either, because they're only slightly better.

On the other hand, you're not going to reproduce your living room's sound system because that would be extravagant. So most of us settle with really bad sound for most of the hours we listen to music each day, and we been in this rut for years.

Let me make a suggestion...

Right now Cambridge SoundWorks is offering their "SoundWorks" multimedia speaker system
on sale ("open box") for the excellent price of $49.99. The sale only
lasts until this coming Monday, September 1st, so check it out. I've
used these speakers for years and recommend them highly. You won't
believe the excellent sound you'll get from these little things. They
come with a small amplified subwoofer you can hide anywhere that drives
the two tiny speakers you put on your desk. So if you buy this system,
you simply plug one of it's cords into your computer's audio
out/headphone port, another into a power outlet, and you're done.
Nothing else to buy.

Why am I blogging about this? Because I think this little system is
one of the wonders of the modern world. It's small enough that I take
it on vacation where it does a serviceable job even in very large
rooms. Let me know what you think.