There came a man sent from God whose name was...

(Tim, w/thanks to David) Well actually, I don't know his name, but he caused Sodomite Gene Robinson's sermon in an Anglican church in England to grind to a halt by calling the bad Bishop to "Repent! Repent! Repent! I stand on the Word of God! Repent!" (See link below.)

Why is this wicked Episcopal bishop over in England preaching just now?

Archbishop Rowan Williams is presiding over the once-a-decade Anglican meeting of bishops known as the Lambeth Conference held in Canterbury. He's invited almost all the 800 Anglican bishops worldwide. Only a few were barred from attending. One of them--the most significant one--is Bishop Gene Robinson who the United States Anglican communion known as the Episcopal Church elevated to the bishopric despite his being an unrepentant sodomite. After his elevation, the first person to greet him in the chancel area as a part of the liturgy was his sodomite lover, followed by his ex-wife and two adult daughters.

Trouble is, by far the largest part of the Anglican communion today is in the Southern Hemisphere and, being somewhat backward, African and Central and South American, and even Australian, bishops and archbishops are scandalized by this heresy and threatening or carrying out schism. (Well, actually, not schism; it's impossible to be guilty of schism when you're separating from those who bless sodomy and elevate sodomites into the bishopric. Really, it's church discipline, but from the bottom up which is not the way things ordinarily are supposed to go.)

But back to the Archbishop of Canterbury His Grace Dr. Rowan Williams. He's in an awkward position...

It's sort of a north-south thing, and the hostilities have escalated to the point where he must take a position one way or another. And so he has, choosing to exclude Bishop Gene Robinson from Lambeth. Of course, you must understand that in no way is he to be understood to be judging the man or the American Episcopal Church for promoting sodomy.

So what crime is the basis for the exclusion? The crime of being divisive.

Really, in his masterpiece, The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom was right in saying that the only law left in the Western world is the law that everyone must do what is necessary to get along with each other. So Archbishop Rowan Williams has a choice: He can side with the masses of Anglicans from the Southern Hemisphere who refuse to be a part of a church that puts sodomites into the office of bishop; or he can side with his own Northern Hemisphere communions who have used the Holy Name of God to promote birth control, abortion, unbiblical divorce, adultery, and now sodomy.

Tough choice for the Archbishop of Canterbury. With his hand forced, he excludes the bad Bishop Gene Robinson from Lambeth.

But note, it's not the sin of sodomy that caused Rowan Williams to give in to exclusivity. Rather, it's the sin of being too progressive without waiting for the backward and ignorant Southern Hemisphere Anglicans to catch up.

Yes, I know no one has ever said they're ignorant. Nor backward. Nor explicitly that it's just a matter of waiting a while so they can catch up. But I thought it would be helpful to say explicitly what has been implied all over the place for years, now.

So, leave it to a long-hair riding a motorbike--by decades the youngest man in the sanctuary--to call the bad Bishop to repent. And what irony that the congregation tries to silence this young prophet first by clapping, and then, as he's man-handled out of the sanctuary, singing:

Thine is the glory, risen, conqu’ring Son;
Endless is the victory, Thou o’er death hast won...


> So, leave it to a long-hair riding a motorbike... to call the bad Bishop to repent.

That was good. And a whole church of "respectable" people making total fools of themselves by supporting Robinson.

> He began his sermon by saying how sad it was that the Anglican Communion was tearing itself apart.

Serves him right. It isn't enough being a bishop, he's got to be the spokesman for sodomy. The bishop thinks is is unfortunate that the church is so focused on sex. It is okay for him to be, though.

"Bishop Robinson went on to say: "This discussion of homosexuality we are having in the Church is not so significant because of what it says about homosexuality, but of what it says about God."

I think this might be the truest thing Vickie Gene has ever said. Unfortunately, he then says:

"When someone stands up and says homosexuality is an abomination, does that make you want to get to know God?"

He also said: "I think God wants us to be bold, I think God wants us to take risks, I don't think God wants us to be afraid."

I am amazed at how much truth an unrepentant sodomite can speak and yet not realize which direction the truth is pointing him in. I wonder if it ever, ever causes him to go, "hmmm" or have sleepless nights?


So I can be a little bit slow on the uptake at times (no laughing, please). But pardon me, Mr. Robinson - you say God wants us to be brave and not afraid. Then why do you have police officers present when speaking in a church? Is your message more important than the Apostle Paul's? I don't recall him having official Roman protection - unless you want to call prison and house arrest "protection"?


The question I have is whether GAFCON is a solution or just a postponement of the problem. They disapprove of homosexuals in the ministry, but they're sailing under the Jolly Roger on the ordination of women (and thus on the authority of Scripture). It's the same old stuff about how Christians of good conscience can come to opposite conclusions on the matter.

I was browsing around the book of Malachi while pondering Bishop Robinson's remarks when this verse jumped out at me:

You have wearied the LORD with your words yet you say, "How have we wearied Him?" In that you say, "Everyone who does evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and He delights in them," or, "Where is the God of justice?" Mal. 2:17

I can't imagine a more perfect reply to Mr. Robinson.

Mr. Long-Hair Riding a Motorbike, if you're out there somewhere reading this, Kudos to you.

This comment from the link article is interesting about Rowan Williams:

"..despite Dr Rowan Williams's attempts to overcome deep divisions over the ordination of women and gay people, "no matter what he does he makes someone mad."

That statement to me makes it sound like Williams is trying so hard to please people instead of God. Who cares if you make someone mad? Fear Him who can kill the body and the soul.

But Leslie, get with the times! To please men IS to please God. To displease men IS to displease God.

Props to the longhair. Watching him, I'm greatly convicted about my own fear of man and lack of courage for God.

How sad it was, Bishop Robinson remarked, that the Anglican Communion was "tearing itself apart" over the issue.

Then the heckler stood up.

"Because of heretics like you," he hollered.

Long-haired and clutching a motorcycle helmet, the interlocutor did not look much like most people's idea of a theological conservative.

But he yelled: "Go back, go back. Repent, repent, repent."

This Man is my new hero: "I stand on the Word of God"

This from a BBC article by Jon Kelly.

--Long-haired and clutching a motorcycle helmet, the interlocutor did not look much like most people's idea of a theological conservative. But he yelled: "Go back, go back. Repent, repent, repent." Bishop Robinson grimaced. Boos echoed around the church. A slow handclap began. Then Giles Fraser, the parish's vicar, told his flock to open their hymn sheets. The singing drowned out the heckles as the traditionalist was escorted from the building by churchwardens. The congregation finished its verse. Silence was restored. With what looked like tears in his eyes, Bishop Robinson resumed his sermon, speaking softly this time. "Pray for that man," he said.--

Yes, do pray for the courageous man who stood up and said what Scripture says, calling an unrepentent man to humble himself and forsake his sin. Pray that God will continue to strengthen and use him.

I also really enjoyed the pejorative tone of "the traditionalist" --the backwards, stupid, short sighted, judgmental moron....

Good post. But it gets worse. Gene Robinson is not the only bishop not invited to Lambeth 2008. The traditionalist American bishops appointed by foreign archbishops at the request of American congregations were also not invited. And, weirdly, the pro-Mugabe bishop of Harare was not invited. See

Robinson Cavalcanti, Bishop of Recife, Brazil, under the primatial authority of the Archbishop of the Southern Cone (Primate: Presiding Bishop Greg Venables)

Dr Nolbert Kunonga, Bishop of Harare, Province of Central Africa (Primate: Archbishop Bernard Malango)

Martyn Minns, Bishop of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America who sits in the Nigerian House of Bishops (Primate: Archbishop Peter Akinola)

Chuck Murphy III, John Rodgers, Alexander Green, Thaddeus Barnum, T.J. Johnson, and Douglas Weiss of the Anglican Mission in America who sit in the Rwandan House of Bishops (Primate Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini)

Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire (Primate: Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori)

Really, in his masterpiece, The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom was right in saying that the only law left in the Western world is the law that everyone must do what is necessary to get along with each other.

Unfortunately, this is more true in many conservative churches than almost anywhere else. Granted, the churches I know would rightly condemn unrepentant homosexuality, but my old one had a don't ask don't tell policy on all other struggles a person may be going through. Yet how many of us have craved the loving discipline of our heavenly father and it takes a while for us to see that He is where all good discipline comes from so we often rebuke the visible source little realizing we're truly rejecting God. It seems that in the church today we have no idea what love really is - we think love is being nice but how is it nice or polite to let people drown their wickedness?

One thing that was funny, when Ginger and I were foster parents, we were allowed to spank our children but not the foster children - we'd spank our kids and the foster kids would forlornly ask, "Why don't we get spanked?" Everyone truly knows that discipline means love.

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