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Picture_2 (Tim, w/thanks to Dave) Here's an interesting page displaying all the presidential campaign logos from the past forty-eight years. Compare how Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Ron Paul punctuated their abbreviation for the year. A couple other personal notes...

The last year I was in seminary, the man I worked for, Josiah Spaulding, died suddenly of a heart attack. He and his wife, Helen, were Boston Brahmins. At the time of Mr. Spaulding's death, he was chairman of Massachusetts Rehabilitation Hospital (since renamed Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital) and Mrs. Spaulding was President of the New England (Boston) Aquarium and vice-chairman of the Board of Trustees of Georgetown University. Following the funeral service, an Irish wake was held out on Smith's Point at the Spaulding's estate where I worked, and I was responsible to park the cars. Then, after everyone arrived, I was to tend bar. One of the first guests to arrive was the Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis. His chauffeur parked the car in such a way that it wasted about ten other parking spots. We were expecting several hundred people so, as the Governor walked away from his car, I asked his chaueffer if I could have the keys to move the car. He said "No."

Explaining how many were coming and that I needed to move their car back to the corner of the gravel in front of the garage, I asked for the keys again. Governor Dukakis smiled at me and told the chauffeur, "Give him the keys." I thanked him.

At the same time, our brother, Nathan, and his wife, Sandy, were hired to live in another Boston Brahmin's home, helping the man of the house and his wife in the last days of his life. (David, Nathan, and I were all at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary at the time.)

If you look at the bottom right corner of all the logos, you'll see the one from the Nixon/Lodge campaign in 1960. It was that man, Henry Cabot Lodge, Nathan and Sandy lived with and cared for.



The apostrophe is backwards, right?

It should be an apostrophe, not an opening single quotation mark. So Obama's right and Biden and Paul wrong. Chicago Manual of Style, 9.34.

So that's what the "W" in George W. Bush stands for...

From the comments: "Too bad Ron Paul didn’t run for president in ‘08."

HA! Too bad indeed!

I think I like the "Perot for President '96" the best, it looks like Soviet propaganda.

Microsoft Word does not readily make the correct form of the punctuation. If you type the abbreviated year, this is what you will get:


--the opening single quotes instead of the apostrophe.

But if you type the apostrophe *twice,* the second one will be the correct form,


and then you just delete the first one.

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