Barack Obama rocks! (Gentlemen, start your engines)...

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(Tim) Yesterday, I received the latest in a barrage of evidence showing that the deception God has given our nation over to is deeply entrenched in the church, also. We've intentionally chosen churches and pastors whose specialty is feeding their sheep a milk-only diet and we're reaping the fruit of that choice in our inability to "discern good and evil." So, when it comes to hard choices between good and evil, we're little babies with our mouths open, ready to be deceived (Hebrews 5:13,14).

Nothing demonstrates our sinful immaturity more than the broad support Senator Barack Obama's presidential candidacy has within the church. Yesterday, I posted my criticism of this statement made by a senior InterVarsity staff member in an E-mail he sent across the country: "Evangelicals are now seeing that both parties do offer helpful perspectives and that those things that a Christian should have convictions about are more than just one or two issues. Amen and amen."

Then, last night, I received another E-mail from a friend who attends a cool dude urban PCA church, asking:

When speaking with many friends about the election, I have found out that many of them voted for Obama. They are Christians as well. I ask how they can vote for someone who believes in the murder of infants, and they come back with something approximate to this:

"Yes, abortion is awful, but that's not the only issue. The economy, the war, race relations, unemployment, health care (I'm giving many examples given to me) are just as important, and that's many issues vs one. I hate that people have become one issue voters. I hate the republican party, so I can't vote for them." Etc.

How am I to respond to that? I can only think to say that abortion is murder, and are we not to care about millions of innocents who get murdered each year?

So now a test. As a follower of Jesus Christ, why will you not vote for Senator Obama?

Note, the question isn't whether or not you'd vote for Senator McCain, nor is it which candidate you prefer. We're strictly limiting the question to Senator Obama: Why won't you vote for him?

And by all means, give us irony and sarcasm and satire, too. The fact that we're having to answer this question is such an indictment of the church that we must be careful not to legitimate it with too much serious, thoughtful response. Please send your contributions to tbbayly at gmail dot com. And may the best man (used generically, of course) win.