Franky's Haming it up again...

(Tim, w/thanks to Mark) Speaking of Senator Obama, Franky Schaeffer's using the current ruckus to kill his father. For the second or third time.

Remember the account of Noah's sons, how the youngest, Ham, saw his father in a drunken stupor and left the tent to broadcast his father's nakedness? How did Noah's two eldest respond?

But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it upon both their shoulders and walked backward and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were turned away, so that they did not see their father’s nakedness. (Genesis 9:23)

I thought Os Guiness gave Franky some good parries and thrusts, leaving him rebuked but not destroyed. Somehow, though, I doubt Franky will get it. He's been committed to patricide for more than a decade now, and one wonders whether he won't finish his life this way? Isn't there a patriarch in the house who can lead him home?

A few years before he died, Dad saw Franky's condition and wrote him a Dutch uncle letter kindly exhorting him as a father does his son. (Dad and Franky's father both got their M.Divs. from Faith Theological Seminary so the letter was in-house, if you will.) Franky never responded.

Back in '92 or '93, I went to a pro-life banquet and heard Franky speak. I didn't mind the fact that the speech was a rant--ranting against bloodshed is generally a good thing.

But Franky's rant was against evangelicals--an hour-long splenetic diatribe against the parents of baby-boomer evangelical children for leading those children to withdraw from the world instead of training and preparing them for positions of power and influence. I sat there scratching my head wondering what world Franky lived on? What evangelicals was he talking about?

David and I grew up in Wheaton and the children of evangelicals we know were so well-prepared for success and influence and leadership they turned away from the Church and her Lord. Bankers down in the Loop, profs at top colleges and universities, physicians, architects, filthy rich commodities traders... For that matter, wasn't it Franky's father, Francis, and C. Everett Koop of Philly's Tenth Presbyterian Church who gave Franky the national exposure as a filmmaker that allowed him to move on later to making a living with the B-movie horror flick genre?

As they age, some men seem to lose touch with everyone but themselves. For some years, Franky's been saying his father would have converted to Eastern Orthodoxy if he were alive today. Right.

Pray for Franky Schaeffer's public repentance. And pray for sons like Shem and Japheth.


I recently finished reading Franky's "Crazy for God." The book was pretty cruel in his depictions of his mother especially. A Freudian would have a field day with the book.

So incredibly nightmarish thinking of my own sons... may the Lord have mercy upon Frank Jr.


Thanks for this. I was very dismayed at Franky's latest antics to make money off his supposed dysfunctional family, doubly tragic because of Edith's frail and aged state.

I wonder, too, if Christianity Today isn't a bit complicit in this, witness not just Betty Smartt Carter's sympathetic review (and note that she is the daughter of Kennedy Smartt) in Books and Culture, but CT's recent writeup on L'Abri and how embarrassed they are at the Schaeffer legacy, regarding him as a shallow, loony, and disenchanted old coot.

Yes, I know they published Os Guinness's fine vindication of the Schaeffer's, but that seems to buck the recent trend of evangelicals to be embarrassed by their past.

And, as I would imagine you well know just by your own connection to the evangelical movement, the movement's past is far grander than its present.

In fact, I wonder if the movement itself didn't die with Carl Henry.

Would welcome your thoughts on that.

Dear Tim:

Thanks for passing on the link to the article by Os Guiness. It was the kind of response that was needed and I think Mr. Guiness nailed it.

Franky needed someone to tell him to sit down and shut his big mouth and Guiness did it and he did it gently.

Guiness also told him that he needs to take a long look in the mirror, at who he has become and at his faith. To me, it is obvious that Franky has no real faith, at least as the Bible understands faith.

I could add a million qualifications here and say I am the judge of no man and that only God knows Franky's heart. Of course, such qualifications are true.

But from all the evidence I can see, Franky is a religious non-believer who is deeply conflicted, was poorly educated and has a breathtaking sense of entitlement (that people should listen to him), apparently born of nepotism.

He was a self-righteous prig as a conservative evangelical and then turned himself into a self-righteous prig as an Orthodox sacramentalist. What his next incarnation will be I have no idea, but these articles give some hints. Unless he repents, we can be sure he'll tell us about it and the secular, unbelieving world will delight in it.

May our kind and merciful Father, who has shown so much patience toward each one of us, pour out His mercy on this rebellious son of evangelicalism and bring him to true faith and a manifest repentance.


How far Franky has fallen is further illustrated by the following dedication he wrote in his early book, "A Time for Anger: The Myth of Neutrality."

"To My Parents, Francis and Edith Schaeffer.

To my father: A man of courage, conviction and Christian principle, who has stood faithfully in a world of cowardice and compromise.

To my mother: A woman of vision, depth, and love, who has courageously provided a bright spot of humanity for her family and so many others.

Thank you both."

It is sad to see how far this nut has fallen from the tree. May God have mercy on his soul.

Not to get too Calvinist on y'all, "but for the grace of God, so go I." Franky is exactly what all those other Kos writers are: self-righteous, angry, entitlement prigs. Was it something in the water, was it something that the evil Soviets contaminated us with, that everyone born in that decade should suffer the same faults?

And after we have listed all these sins in great detail, we should ask, what is our complicity? For indeed, we are citizens of the same country, members of the same culture, writers of the same language, attendees of the same religion. And we will all suffer together in the same sure judgment.

I think it is still a testimony to Francis, Edith, and the grace of God that the Schaeffer's still have three believing and grateful daughters (from what I know, at least).

I hope that someone has had the good sense to shield Edith from some of these scandalous writings, for her sake. How heartbreaking!

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