"They love to be pregnant..."

(Tim, again w/thanks to Kamilla) Anyone sinful and naive enough to think liberals are well-intentioned but misdirected should have his nose shoved into this piece, "Outsourced Wombs," from the New York Times about rich women paying poor women for the use of their womb to carry a baby to term. I write "a baby" rather than "her baby" because I deny that motherhood and surrogate motherhood are fungible.

Really, the hypocrisy and naked self-interest of these women and their significant other is almost beyond belief. If Jeremy Taylor wrote an essay on the Christian duty of mothers to breastfeed their own young (rather than hiring a wet-nurse), what ought we to be writing today?

If the article doesn't depress you, the comments will. So very sad.



It's all about me. My wants, my desires, me, me, me.

I often say that when I teach my children the difference between can and may, I am attempting to teach them more than grammar. The practice reported on in this article represents a prime example of how many in our society have failed to learn that lesson.

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