Somewhere over the rainbow...

(Tim) This from Jan Fisher's web page--a great guitarist with beautiful harmonics. Don't miss the end.



A friend of mine from the church here took me to see Tommy in Madison. A very talented and enjoyable musician to watch. He likes to play small venues so one can usually get a great seat.

And now for something even better (at least to me!):

Jesse Cook is regarded as one of the best guitarists in the world....

Tommy Emmanuel is truly amazing. Hearing anything he does on the guitar tugs on your heart. And he's a delightfully funny performer. His energetic, effortless talent is just is so fun to watch and hear.

My wife bought me couple of his CD's for my birthday last year. She was trying to surprise me, so unknowingly, I ended up buying couple too. It's a good thing I didn't buy the same ones.

If you like good pickers, you should check out this gem I recently ran across.

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