TidBITS strikes it rich...

(Tim) Seriously, the latest addition to the editorial staff of Adam Engst's TidBITS is a certain "rich mogull."

And by the way, if you use a Mac and don't subscribe to TidBITS, you should. For many years, now, TidBITS has been far and away the best source of news for all things Apple. Here are a couple articles (one and two) typical of the fare provided by the Angsts--er, Engsts.

And by the way two, if you don't use a Mac, you might want to consider switching over---particularly if you're a pastor. My son, Joseph, uses both Macs and PCs doing about everything you can imagine, and he'll tell you why, when he needs to use a PC, it's virtualized on his MacBook Pro. Or my son-in-law, Ben, will tell you why he's always frustrated doing web and book design on a PC, rather than a Mac.

But yes, my dear brother David uses a PC and used to have a Mac. So there's a majority report on this that opposes what I'm suggesting.




It is interesting how the article on the Macworld Expo has at least two pejorative comments about babies and how much of a royal pain they are.

Yup, I noticed that.

Never heard of Tidbits before. Thanks for the info. and yes, I'm a proud MAC user. Have both laptop and desktop.

So has anyone tried Accordance here. I'm looking into starting off with the Scholars module and perhaps BDAG and Liddle&Scott.

I really dislike Macs...the Mac OS, in all its iterations, has always looked like a kid's OS. But, I have to say that Vista has almost been enough to make me quit PCs forever. I would probably check out Linux first, though.


I feel compelled to warn you about Linux. It is a clean OS, but not for the faint of heart. In most of its distributions, it is very awkward to install and use - at least it was a few years ago. The other problem with Liunux is that your software options become very limited (yes, you can use a windows emulator). This, for me, has always kept me away from the Mac.

To all who will listen,

I know this portion will most likely be viewed as misleading the faithful and deleted from the blog but here goes. Beware all PC faithful - the Mac commercials are very seductive - resist! Not to mention the awful "Starbuck's glow" that comes with Mac ownership - it's just another exclusive club. Come on, do you really want to identify this 'that' crowd. Just keep the PC - its our old friend (albeit a little shaky.)

>Just keep the PC - its our old friend (albeit a little shaky.)

Hahahhaha! That captures my thoughts as well.

Yes, I don't think I'm geeky enough to use Linux--but desperate times may call for desperate measures. Vista's been working relatively well for me for the last month, so I've pulled back away from the edge of the cliff for the moment...

In the end, it's always the MAC that just keeps on trucking like the little pink bunny rabbit. :)


If you ever need help pulling back from the edge of the cliff, I am here for you. Anytime day or night. (Why is the PC/Mac thing so divissive??? It just is! Sheesh!)

Thanks, dear brother--the joys of fellowship! Brothers to bear burdens!

Psst. Mac wants you. Resistance is futile.

...a little birdie told me that MACS are for "metros"....but I know squat about computers.


Now, dear sister, you may know nothing about computers, but you know full-well that Tim, Dave C., and I are not "metros."

And I challenge the little birdie to a wrestling match to prove it!

With love to you and Nick and Thomas,


LOL...also love to you, Sebra, the boys (and the upcoming little one:)

I switched to Mac 4 years ago this month for one reason -- Accordance! Bibleworks is nice...but if you really want to utilize the power of Hebrew and Greek texts, Accordance really blows away the competition.

I know first-hand of at least a dozen ministers/academics who have made the switch since I did in 2004. Not a one regret in the bunch. All of them say the cost involved was well-worth it.

And no horror stories like you hear from PC users!! :-)


I got a mac laptop because, due to a former roommate (whose last name was not Crum... that narrows down the list a bit) the only available computer was an Apple and, having grown up with DOS-based operating systems (from a C-64 to a 386 to a pentium) it was a very difficult transition. Now, however, I am proficient on both PC and MAC and prefer the latter because I find it more user friendly (and more stable) - and the graphics are better so I can better enjoy my games.

As far as identifying with the Starbuck's-mocha-choka-latte-coffee-flavoured-milk-drinking-ugg-boot-and-chemgoggle-sunglass-wearing crowd, that's why I did not get the white MacBook - because I don't want to look like I have a MAC because it's the trendy thing to do.

...now, if they ever make a pair of Uggs that have the face of the small animal they were made from on the toes (kind of like a coon-skin cap has the raccoon's head poking out of the front) I might consider buying those.....

Oh Jim, those uggs with the animal faces are SO last season!


I don't know how much more of this I can take! Besides, I had better go anyway - I have to restart my PC - I think it is about to crash again :(

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