TidBITS strikes it rich...

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(Tim) Seriously, the latest addition to the editorial staff of Adam Engst's TidBITS is a certain "rich mogull."

And by the way, if you use a Mac and don't subscribe to TidBITS, you should. For many years, now, TidBITS has been far and away the best source of news for all things Apple. Here are a couple articles (one and two) typical of the fare provided by the Angsts--er, Engsts.

And by the way two, if you don't use a Mac, you might want to consider switching over---particularly if you're a pastor. My son, Joseph, uses both Macs and PCs doing about everything you can imagine, and he'll tell you why, when he needs to use a PC, it's virtualized on his MacBook Pro. Or my son-in-law, Ben, will tell you why he's always frustrated doing web and book design on a PC, rather than a Mac.

But yes, my dear brother David uses a PC and used to have a Mac. So there's a majority report on this that opposes what I'm suggesting.