Tidings of comfort and joy...

(Tim) Can anyone think of a better Christmas present for the beginning of Advent than these men doing the hard work of reconciliation? May God increase the  Lawyer and Mattes tribes as all of us follow their example in asking and receiving, and giving forgiveness.

God rest ye merry, gentlemen, let nothing you dismay...



A very handsome apology, to be sure!

How lovely to have at least *one* internet conflagration put out. Certainly an excellent beginning to Advent.


Thanks for this post. I am glad to see Lawyer do this. I haven't been keeping up with all this mess since the blow up over at GreenBaggins. I am confused, however, in how Mattes is involved in the forgiveness. Did he respond and clear up his statements?

Thanks, James


Pastor Lawyer's post begins with "This letter has already been sent to, and has been graciously been accepted by Mr. Mattes.".

Also, Bob contacted a few of us earlier today to let us know that he had received the apology and is planning to acknowledge it on the web sometime today. Have patience, it takes a bit of time to write, particularly on a busy weekday.



Indeed Mr. Mattes has already posted on this...

Ah, I hadn't noticed that Bob modified his earlier post rather than create a new one.

Advent!?!? Further evidence of the Romanizing effect of the Federal Vision on the PCA!!!

Just kidding. :-)

(See? It just goes to show you that, if you try hard enough, you can find anything to latch onto and claim that people have departed from the Reformed faith. We need to try harder to be charitable in our reading and interaction with others rather than reading and believing the worst possible thing a person could have meant by what he said or wrote. That, above anything else, is at the heart of the FV issue.)

Brothers, please, let's give peace it's moment.

Maybe this can be like the Christmas Truce in WWI on the Western Front...

Bob Mattes' blog is closed to comment, so I want to try to ask him something here. If he has fully accepted Lawyer's apology and explanation, why does his most recent post (criticizing the Bayly men) refer repeatedly to a "Moscow attack dog"? By Mattes' own admission, he does not think that Lawyer was officially or unofficially sent to attack him, but he keeps using this term and uses it as the basis to accuse of Wilson of bad behavior and to rebuke the Baylys for defending him. I'm not finding the atmosphere of peace and reconciliation so credible when these statements remain.


By God's grace, I only have to much time during the day and can only type so fast. I will have to work late tonight to make up for the time I've spent modifying and writing posts today. I don't regret that because I wanted to set the record straight as quickly as possible.

Bottom line is that you saw that post before I revised it. Those paragraphs are now gone and the post otherwise modified as well. Blogging may seem instantaneous, but someone has to do a lot of work behind the curtain before the miracle of Oz shines forth in its emerald glory. :-)



>If he has fully accepted Lawyer's apology and explanation, why does his most recent post (criticizing the Bayly men) refer repeatedly to a "Moscow attack dog"?

I believe that was written prior to the apology.

Dear Joshua, the explanation of the wording of Colonel Mattes' post you refer to above is that it was written before he and Mike Lawyer forgave one another. And THAT'S what's important, isn't it?

Bob Mattes corrected matters by going back and changing a post from the past, rather than writing a new one.

And speaking for David and me, neither of us took offense at Colonel Mattes' words to us even before today's events. We expect men to question our motives and judgments, and to exhort us toward truth and peace, which Colonel Mattes did.

I'm not trying to belabor the point here, but my comment was in fact written after the modifications--at least the version that I read had a note about being modified. Nevertheless, even though certain paragraphs had been removed, there still remain two references to Lawyer as an "attack dog." They are still there as of this morning. I'm not trying to place a heavier burden of time on you, Mr. Mattes, and I am delighted that there has been quick reconciliation on this matter. Being at a distance, however, all I-and other readers of these blogs-have to go on is the words, and when cutting phrases like that remain, it seems to call into question the completeness of the reconciliation. If Mr. Mattes and Mr. Lawyer have truly reconciled, then it doesn't seem that either one would want to give any appearance of continuing animosity toward the other. So, I'm just trying to be helpful. Probably failing.

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