Man Posse time....

Manposse (David) Five years ago the wife of one of Christ the Word's young deacons founded what I believe is a ministry unique within the PCA: Christ the Word's Man Posse.

The recruiting flyer she drew up begins, "Taking the Imprecatory Psalms One Step Further. When Brotherly Love Just Isn’t Enough."

Of course, it's a joke, but a useful joke, even a half-true joke because the reality is, there are times when the men of the church truly do gang together to drive sense into a brother--for instance, the fellow who cuts his family vacation a week short so he can participate in Toledo's Tough Man contest, or the young man who invites a young woman on an expensive date only to spring on her they're going dutch just as they pull away from her driveway.

The Man Posse is a wonderful invention. It allows all sorts of correction in a somewhat less-than-serious vein. And as principal Man Posse convenor I love having the tool at my disposal. Every time one of the men in our Pastor's College trumps me intellectually (or even merely in arm wrestling) I simply call a Man Posse on him and invariably he submits.

And though I may not always agree with Doug Wilson, I appreciate the fact that he's a loyal Man Posse member when the chips are down for his friends.

When the chips are down here at Christ the Word I want Steve Altman on my side. Steve, a distinguished CTW deacon, Pastor's College student and father of six, is also a former wrestler and truck driver. When he stands behind me in a Man Posse, people back up.

This is a good thing. Among other things, it's manliness, it's loyalty, it's courage.

And if I'm a friend of Doug Wilson's, I want him on my Man Posse when I'm facing trouble. Those who are upset that Doug is defending Steve Wilkins against the PCA's Supreme Judicial Commission just don't get all sorts of things--things like loyalty, manliness, honor and combat....

I'm not saying Steve Wilkins deserves exoneration by the SJC. Nor am I convinced that the judicial process is fundamentally flawed. But to criticize a man for standing up for a friend and ally is just plain nuts. The only reason Doug should be quiet is if doing so would help Steve Wilkins--and that's something for Steve and Doug to decide between themselves.

Personally, I'd like to see Doug call a CREC/FV Man Posse on several proponents of Federal Vision theology. I've never read anything by Steve Wilkins, but if his teaching follows the lines of the writing of his former associate, Richard Lusk, he needs reining in. But that's for Doug to decide. The problem isn't Doug acting in defense of a friend, the problem is, perhaps, the friend he defends.


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