I'm being swallowed by Boa constrictors, feet first...

Boaconstrictors(Tim) Well, now that I've put up the world's best shoelace site, welcome to the showlaceless future.

We're spending a couple days with our dear friends, Ken and Sue Scudder, here in Edmonds, Washington, and they introduced us to the invention of Sue's brother, Gary, that may well make shoelaces obsolete--at least in competitive sports where Velcro won't do. It's called the Boa System and it replaces shoelaces with very thin wire and a knob on the back of the shoe that's turned to tighten the shoe's grip on the foot.

Kent had a pair of The North Face Men's Endurus XCR Boa shoes that were too narrow for his size twelve foot. They fit me perfectly, so we'll leave bearing a gift of a pair of shoes with Boa Technology for closure.

FootJoy golf shoes, Shimano cylcing shoes, Vans, Head, Rossignol and nine other brands of snowboard boots,  wakeboard, snowmobile, hockey, ice skating, inline, hunting, and equestrian shoe brands have all started selling shoes that use Boa Technology. Buy a pair of The North Face Men's E50 Boas now and pay some Royalties to Sue's brother.



Ben says you'll never wear them. Unless you can control the knobs with BlueTooth.

I'm already wearing them, and they're great! Have to admit, though, that I suggested they make them with a remote control so the knob can be tightened without leaning over.

Hudson Armerding told Dad Bayly that you know you're getting old when you lean over to tie your shoes and wonder whether there isn't something else you can do while you're down there. Dad upped the ante saying you know you're getting old when you lean over to tie your shoes and forget why you're down there.

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