Richard Cizik's religious crusade: confessing green sins...

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(by Tim) If you've listened to Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals, you know he speaks in heavily religious terms of the co-belligerency he shares with Al Gore warring against the demons of carbon emissions. He liberally sprinkles his advocacy with testimonies of his "conversion" to the green crusade and he calls others to join him worshiping at this altar. As Cizik put it himself in his op-ed piece in the Washington Post on Earth Day this year:

Thus, our family will worship together at National Cathedral in
Washington with other environmental, scientific, and faith leaders and
then enjoy the outdoors together. It's all part of a faith commitment
we've made to do everything in our power to preserve this precious gift
the Creator has given us.

If any doubt remained concerning the religious zeal of these crusaders...

consider that this London Times article
titled, "Priest offers festival-goers the chance to confess their green
sins," carries the byline, "Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent of
the Times."

Interested in the "sins" they confess? Well, for starters, it turns
out they lie about how much they recycle. But of course, the failure to
recycle is the sin--not lying about it. An old sage observed that when
we remove all the big laws they're replaced with an infinite number of
little ones.

Again, I wish my denomination would pull the plug on the NAE. It's
so moribund in its prophetic witness. Its so-called "prophet" has such
honor in his own town.

(Thanks, David.)