Derek Webb, "A New Law"...

(by Tim) Derek Webb's CD, "Mockingbird," has been on my laptop for a couple years now, but I'd never listened to it until this morning. Just listened to the second cut, "A New Law," and found it a balm in Gilead for weary preachers. It's here on YouTube, but the sound isn't great. The songs' lyrics keep getting better as I listen, but my initial impression of the music is that it could get monotonous. Buy Mockingbird here.



Mockingbird is a great and challenging album. I don't agree with some of Derek's conclusions, but I applaud his desire to make Christian music that generates conversation about our role in society. Plus I'm a fan of folk rock, so I find the music enjoyable. The forum of his website ( has quite a bit of theologically-oriented traffic. It's where I first heard of the New Perspective on Paul and of the Emergent Church, for instance.

Though his affinity for the emerging movement is disheartening, he's a great musician and I can't wait to see what he does with Caedmon's Call again. He used a very affected vocal style on Mockingbird, perhaps imitating Bob Dylan. I found it somewhat grating, and it decreased my ability to enjoy the album in the long term. "A New Law" is an amazing song, though.

If you like "A New Law", you may want to consider looking at his first solo album: "She Must and Shall Go Free".

Totally different than Mockingbird. More folksy/country...but the "Wedding Dress" song is really amazing. Check it out here:

Another artist who is absolutely amazing and basically sings scripture is Andrew Peterson... He's got AMAZING songs, both lyrically and musically, and he also has that same sort of story-telling quality in all his lyrics that Derek has in some of his.

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