Benedict XVI: Protestant churches not true churches...

(By Tim) This strikes me as pretty ho-hum. After all, for centuries now Roman Catholics and Protestants have been agreed that both sides of the Tiber cannot possibly be true churches. Yes, we've gone through a couple decades when everyone was trying to deny the substance of our division, and that the substance centered on the nature of saving faith. But you have to respect Benedict XVI for blowing away those mists and vapors. If only Protestant men would be as honest.

By the way, have I ever said I love Ratzinger?


What is new about the document which the Pope approved about true churches? Vatican II taught the same in the Decree on Ecumenism, and the last Pope approved 'Dominus Jesus'which reiterated the doctrine. Both merely repeat common Catholic teaching and are available in English. One must expect the Pope to be a Catholic.

Mr. Jones,

The reason that this document was surprising is that since Vatican II most Catholic/Protestant dialogue has seemed to dismiss the differences between the two churches as minor and inconsequential. This document is merely a reminder both to Catholics and Protestants that the see of Rome does not consider Protestants to be complete Christians and that those Protestants who seek reunion with Rome with only be reunited when they swim the Tiber. It's an all or nothing proposition.

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