Meet Peter Hitchens...

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Did you know the man making a living attacking Mother Theresa, religion, and God has a brother? Meet Peter Hitchens, a confessing Christian...

who has a few things to say about his brother, Christopher's, splenetic diatribe against God titled, God Is Not Great.
Peter is quite eager to deny he's a fundamentalist, and so commits the
usual error of denouncing "literalism" in the reading of Scripture.
Sad. Also sad is Peter's very weak confession of faith, admitting that
he thinks it may, after all, be wrong. Pray for him.

Yet Peter makes a good stab indeed at fulfilling his family obligation to clean up after his brother. Here's a teaser:

As the serpent promises: "Ye shall be as gods." These may be the most important words in the whole Bible.

Take the enticing satanic advice, and you arrive, quite quickly, at
revolutionary terror, at the invention of the atom bomb, at the torture
chamber and the building of concentration camps for those unteachable
morons who do not share your vision of a just world.

By the way, anyone else think Christopher is the spitting image of an unregenerate Guy Platters?

(Thanks, Brandon.)

Tim Bayly

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