A Cultured Kiwi Bloke...

A.J., if you get to the States look Tim or me up. Meanwhile I commend this New Zealander's blog to you. But first, check out the picture of his baptism on Wikipedia.


Hi guys. As you can see I'm a big fan of wikipedia, and recently created and edited a few pages here and there including that of your Dad's. Figured having two sons of such theological substance was certainly worth noting. Your blog has been most helpful as a bastion of the thinking man's Christianity. I love the way you prioritise intellectual scrutiny and integrity over political correctness. And as an Anglican it's been good to see someone propounding a Reformed understanding of things like liturgy and infant baptism. Keep up the good work.

p.s. I'd love to do an Agrarian/Reformed trail of the USA sometime, it is so hard to comprehend actually having whole communities actually living out such authentic spiritualities.


As a Kiwi in the UK, an Anglican committed to believers' baptism, and someone who has been to Stratford, well done! Amazed who you find on some sites ...

Hi Ross,

I didn't realize you were in the UK! Where are you? It's good to find another Anglican posting here.

I'll be over there for a couple weeks in April and have been doing a little advanced planning - it's gotten me "homesick" for one of my favorite places on earth (besides Colorado, Jackson Wyoming, Sante Fe and Minnesota's North Shore, of course!)


I'm actually in Scotland, in Edinburgh, and working for the Scottish Government (which is a little like one of your state governments). the church scene here is very cosmopolitan - lots of people in the churches ... except that not many of them are Scots.

My original church background was actually Pentecostal, which is where I came to faith in Christ; I did a long tour of duty in an Anglican church in NZ, and it was the making of me as a person, and as a Christian.

Hi Ross,

That's amazing. I just emailed a B&B to tentatively book a room - I'll be in Edinburgh for two nights before going on to the little cottage I took for a week (both bargains, imho). I've never been there so I'll be trying to cram the Royal Mile, etc. into little more than one day. I better remember my good walking shoes, right?



On the chance you're still reading this thread - I am loath to sound too forward, considering the recent topic, but I always enjoy meeting people in person whom I have "met" on the internet. So a cup of coffee or lunch when I am over there in April would be nice, if you were so inclined.


Oh indeed, I would enjoy that. My email is holyhobbit at hotmail.com, and for anyone else who would like to pick up offline what I've been talking about. Ross

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