"Where the women are strong..."

Check out this letter to a daughter by a mother of nine at Church of the Good Shepherd. It's wonderful and wonderfully true.

Dear Kara, You asked me the other day why a guy would ever want to marry a strong woman when he could choose instead a sweet and naturally submissive woman. I gave you a few answers, but since I have been thinking about this more, I wanted to write more in depth....

I remain convinced that the strongest women on earth fill churches like CTW and CGS. The blonde commuting in the Lexus hasn't got anything on the woman steering the child-filled Safari or Econoline from either of these churches.



Oh my, I think I have to print that out and keep it.

Now, if Kara's dad has any single friends who think like he does, in their mid 40's to mid 50's. . . . .


In my opinion some true colors come out in this post.

Though I agree with much of what you stand for on your blog, your comments here reveal your haughtiness and arrogance via your condescending comments with your use of “blonde” and “Lexus.”

If I were to visit the church you pastor, I am sure I wouldn’t see a blonde woman in the congregation. If I did, I am sure you have done a good job of brow beating them so that they probably have dyed their hair to cover their natural, God given blonde beauty.

Your use of “blonde,” reveals your worldliness, my friend.

Concerning “Lexus,” no doubt you are unaware that Consumer Reports rates these cars as very good buys which hold their value and any Christian “blonde” woman who drives one is probably fulfilling Proverbs 31!

Your judgmental attitude toward a women driving one, reveals your worldliness, my friend.

If my daughter goes to IU, and I buy here a used Lexus to drive (because I can get a good used, reliable car for a good price), the chances of her attending your church is now greatly reduced because of your stereotypical comments posted here.

One more thing: "...from either of these churches."

From reading your blog, I see a commitment to Jesus and the Bible.

But I also see BTW, a line of pride in your views. Humility is not a hallmark of this blog at this stage of it's life.

(It was one of Calvin’s downfalls too. Maybe that explains it.)

"Happy are those who are humble; they will receive what God has promised! Matthew 5:5

>Your judgmental attitude toward a women driving one, reveals your worldliness, my friend.

Your comments reveal your pietism.

>It was one of Calvin’s downfalls too

You haven't read much Calvin have you.

It depends on who writes the "His"-story.



I think Willow Creek or one of the megachurches has a salon. Don't give the Bayly's any ideas.

Seriously, you're being kind of dense. Tim's not attacking blondes or the Lexus, just a consumerist lifestyle that those of us who live in or near upscale areas are well aware of (and sometimes find ourselves participating in). It was a generalization.


I live one neighborhood over from those "blondes" in their Lexus SUVs (which we all KNOW they only buy because they are such a good value).

If more than half the "blondes" in that neighborhood are that way because God made them so, I'll come over and clean your bathroom twice a week for a year. God given beauty indeed!


(who used to be a "blonde" and grew up in a land of natural, God given blondeness)

Hey guys, stop beating up on me. David wrote this post. And for the record, David's always had blond hair and his brother, Tim, once sinfully owned a Lexus.

So Lexi (http://www.cartalk.com/content/columns/Archive/1992/July/10.html) and blondes are sui generis, placeholders for the rejection of the either/or in favor of the both/and school of Christian discipleship.

Aaaccckk David! I resemble that comment you made. I'm a happy God-given blond SAHM commuting about town in my Land Rover SUV. You know, to the library, grocery store and church. I really liked the letter she wrote to her daughter. Unlike Martin, though, I see the point you were making about where society places its values these days. Perhaps you should have defined commuting as going to the office, the gym, the salon and the doggy daycare.

I'm sticking with the Jesus I know: Luke 7:34.

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