Sodomites and child molestation...

While going back over the record of Indiana University's censoring the free speech of Prof. Rasmusen, I came across two pages (see here and here) summarizing the evidence linking sodomites to child molestation. It is absolutely essential to the protection of the children of our own, and our nation's, families that we resist homosexualists' intense efforts to suppress this evidence. It ought also to be pointed out that publicizing sodomites' proclivity for this crime also serves a protective function for sodomites themselves, warning them away from criminal and wicked acts that might well result in years of imprisonment in this life, and eternity in hell in the life to come.

By the way, the homosexualist community (yes, including the UCDavis psychology department--note how their page begins with the uncritical reproduction of central tenets in Boswell's bad history) has attempted to discredit these articles and the studies they cite by claiming the studies contain fatal methodological flaws. I'm both aware and dismissive of their arguments.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


You're referring to the claim on the UC-Davis web site that Christian opposition to homosexuality was historically late, I think?

I just recently ran into this claim for the first time over on the World Magazine blog but didn't know how to reply. It seems to be quite the popular assertion, though.

"The Church Council of Nablus in 1120 AD wrote the first law where homosexuality was labelled a 'Crime against Nature.' In the Renaissance, such texts found their way into the laws of many countries, leading to widespread oppression of homosexuals on the basis that it is 'unnatural.'"

Another reaction I encountered on World Magazine's blog is this curious shriek of "bigotry" at anyone who repeats facts that threaten to undermine the homosexual cause. Like the fact that homosexual men have more health problems than straight men. But this claim finds support in any search of the current medical literature on PubMed.

J Am Acad Nurse Pract. 2006 Apr;18(4):144-53.

Primary care health issues among men who have sex with men.

Gee R.

Sacramento Family Medical Clinic, Sacramento, California, USA.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the article is to examine "appropriate" health care for men who have sex with men (MSM), which is not to suggest "special" health care. As a group, MSM are at increased risk for sexually transmitted infections, anal cancer, and mental health disorders. Focus areas in this article will address health issues that the primary care nurse practitioner (NP) may encounter in clinical practice: anal carcinoma, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), high-risk sexual practices, depression, and substance abuse were topics chosen for inclusion in this article. These topics were among those highlighted in the Healthy People 2010 Companion Document for LGBT Health, which served to examine the healthcare disparities and lack of access to needed services related to sexual orientation. DATA SOURCE: Extensive literature review of research articles, journals, clinical practice guidelines, books, and public health department Internet Web sites. CONCLUSIONS: There are unique health disparities that exist for MSM related to social, emotional, and mental health factors, in addition to physical issues such as STDs. There is an increasing need for primary care providers to be aware of these disparities, as well as the factors that influence these disparities, in order to provide multidimensional care and health counseling that is unique to NP practice. IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: Both the primary care NP and the patient should be aware of the unique healthcare issues among MSM that should be incorporated into the patient's routine health maintenance program. As primary care providers, it is within the standards of practice for NPs to provide culturally competent care, along with health promotion and disease prevention for MSM.

David, please see the most recent post on Robert Gagnon. You'd do well to own a copy of Gagnon's "The Bible and Homosexual Practice."

Yes, David, and to point out such health risks is not homophobia, but homophilia. You are demonstrating Christian love for sodomites by linking to these resources.

> It is absolutely essential to the protection of the children of our own, and our nation's, families that we resist homosexualists' intense efforts to suppress this evidence.

I'm surprised hasn't come up with a billboard sanctifying this yet.


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