Africa and the Masonic Order...

A number of years ago, our brother, Nathan, told us of the prevalence of the Masonic Order in one of the PCA churches in his area, and how the church would not stand for their pastor preaching against it...

Since then, I've heard other indicators--usually subterranean--of the continued presence of this evil society within PCA churches across the south. Like racism, I wonder how pastors and elders live with their consciences knowing these things are thriving in their flocks?

When, as an adult, my maternal grandfather confessed faith in Jesus Christ, he put his Knight Templar sword away for good. There is no place for a believer in Jesus Christ holding membership in this usurper to the throne of Jesus Christ and His Church in the life of the believer. And now, hard on the heels of the evil of Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Masonic Order is spreading across Africa. Here's a prayer request from a pastor in Liberia where the Masonic Order dates from the nineteenth century's American Colonization Society:

Prayer Need:

Kindly pray for Liberia as the Free Mason and other Secret Societies (traditional, UBF and All fellows--African version of the Mason) are being revived all across the nation including (the pastor's town). The fear for this is these societies have been used as an instrument of oppression against the common people in the past. Fear has now grisp the whole community. I pray for it to be powerless. The average of 20 persons are initiated on a weekly basis.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers...

Pastor (John Doe)

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.



I don't know much about the Masons. I think I listened to a few shows about it from James Kennedy a few years back and I recall being surprised about a lot of it. Recently a well known speaker visited our church and made a comment about how absurd it was that some churches historically had split over the matter of allowing membership in the Masons. He seemed to think we would all be shocked by such a thing.

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