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I stopped by World Magazine to see if any other World bloggers have slipped the fold prior to July's shutdown. We're still the only ones.

But while dawdling on Gene Veith's Cranach I found this reflection on Christian music:

I can't believe I have watched every episode of "American Idol" and Tivoing it when I am doing more important things and watching it later. That is so unlike me. But I have to comment on the latest voting-off-the-island episode:

We learned that Melinda listens to "Jesus music," specifically, Curt Franklin, the gospel singer. I exempt black gospel and country gospel from my general dislike of contemporary Christian music. Whitebread CCM is pop, a style that, by its nature, is just not equipped to be profound. Gospel music, by its nature, needs soul.

Now I know that Gene is Lutheran and that Lutherans don't hold to the Regulative Principle of Worship, but this strikes me as a Lutheran variant on a Reformed theme. How many times have we seen Reformed people define what is acceptable in worship in a manner which makes clear that they (and only they) have aesthetic tastes refined enough to substitute for God's?

Of course, the real delight here is Gene's caveat for black and country music. Affirmative action of the soul?



If you are looking for truly Scriptural, inspiring music, you can find it at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, They really know what praise and worship is.


Just curious... do you work for the Copelands or are you simply a serious fan?

On a related note, it is interesting that "praise and worship" has come to define a particular style of music. It is also interesting that this style is often not informed by the Bible to any great extent. If the object of your worship is shallow, say the cosmic bell hop god of the Copelands, then your music will be equally shallow.

I was looking at the lyrics from a song, Fuel, which is included on a CD of the top 25 praise and worship songs of 2006:

"You are the fuel our spirits burn

You are light, the flame, the fire

We are burning"

"You are the faith, the hope, the love

You are the peace, the life, the One

We are yearning"

"We are burning, we are yearning

We are longing for... longing for You"

You would bump your nose diving into that pool of uninformed praise.

al sends

I'm not an employee of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, but some of the most Scriptural, worshipful music I've ever heard came from a tape of their worship services. I've never been a fan of American Idol; just can't seem to get into it and don't want to try.


Are you aware that Kenneth Copeland teaches the prosperity gospel and a host of other abysmal heresies? Here's an article sampling them:

I would avoid his ministry.

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