Meredith Kline has fallen asleep...

Kline Along with my brothers, David and Nathan, I studied under Meredith Kline at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in the early eighties. We also attended church with him at the small and unhip First Presbyterian Church in South Hamilton, a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

My dear friend, Rob Hooper, just passed on a notice that Dr. Kline has fallen asleep and is now with the Lord. We are grateful for Dr. Kline’s life and witness. Of the things I learned from him, what sticks in my mind are his prayers at the beginning of each session of Old Testament Hermeneutics. They were passages of Scripture, mostly from the Old Testament, woven together end to end. They lifted me into God’s throne room.

Here’s a page of links to Dr. Kline’s writings.

Tim Bayly

Tim serves Clearnote Church, Bloomington, Indiana. He and Mary Lee have five children and fifteen grandchildren.


Just about every reputable modern theologian I read cites Meredith Kline and his many works constantly. truly a joyous day for him; sad that he will be with us no longer.

2 Corinthians 5

1For we know that if the earthly tent which is our house is torn down, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

To those who knew him, sorry for your loss.

If I may ask - Tim, what do you mean by saying this: "We also attended church with him at the small and unhip First Presbyterian Church..." What do you mean by "unhip"?

It's important to recognize that a significant factor in the choice of a church today is the church's hip or cool factor. First Pres. Hamilton had none of it. On the other hand, South Hamilton's Christ Church (Episcopal) was the place to be. Among many others, this was Tom Howard and Richard Lovelace's church.

Thank you.

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