Children are a blessing: Bayly Grace Ummel...

Img_0739Bayly Grace Ummel was born earlier this afternoon to our daughter, Heather, and her husband, Doug Ummel. She weighs 9 pounds, 15 ounces, and is 21 inches long. She joins three brothers--Jonathan, Nathan, and Josiah.

Bayly was born at home with Heather's sister, Hannah (in picture holding Bayly), and my dear wife, Mary Lee, in attendance. Heather was herself born at home, so Bayly is a second generation home birth. Join us in praising God for this, His latest blessing.


Praise God! She is beautiful, of course. Congratulations on your first granddaughter! I'm thankful that she and Anna will have the opportunity to grow and play together.

What a big girl! I am so happy all went well, and am thrilled that grandma got to be at two births in the space of one week. Welcome beautiful Bayly Grace!

She looks like Nathan:) Congratulations!

Praise the Lord for a healthy girl! Way to go, Heather! We look forward to seeing you all and meeting Bayly at the reunion this summer. You are a great encouragement to us!

She's beautiful. She may be the next Joyce Meyer or Gloria Copeland. I pray that she will be filled with the Holy Spirit and I know that you will want Him to direct her life as He sees fit.

I will be the most happy if she becomes the next Heather Ummel (her mother) or Mary Lee Bayly (grandmother.) Then she will serve her family faithfully and lay down her life for her husband, children, and the church. This is my prayer and I would ask you to pray the same.

Archie (her daddy)

What a surprise to see this post! I had no idea Heather was a Bayley! Katie Patton from Good Shepherd Nashville says congratulations and praise God! Please tell the Ummels I said hello.





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