Bluebird on rail Growing up, my mother's bird feeders attracted every kind of squirrel and bird, but never bluebirds. Even putting up a bluebird house didn't do the trick--they remained elusive. So my life has been a quest for bluebirds. Bluebirds come only slightly lower than my wife, daughter-in-law, daughters, and grandsons on the scale of the wonders of God's creation. Then yesterday, while David was watching Chris VanderGoot tag muskies, Mary Lee and I were sitting at our dining room table, talking, when this bluebird landed on our suet feeder! My life is complete.

I'm color-blind, but still I wonder...

where did God come up with this unbelievable blue? And how did He decide to waste it on a sparrow? You know what? I love God. He's so extravagant, so liberal with His treasures.

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This beautiful blue, on this cute little bird is anything but a waste! But maybe He decided to "waste" it on this bird sort of as a reminder---yes, it's beautiful, and God loves this bird so much that not one falls from the trees without His knowing---but He loves us even more. So who knows, perhaps He put bluebirds here to remind us of His lavish love for us?

Another thought: maybe He made this beautiful creature just because He's God, and is an amazing artist, and just as He displays it in the trees, the sunset, etc etc--He decided to show it in this little bird. Whatever the reason, you are right Tim: He truly is extravagant and liberal with His treasures.

Couldn't you have the display name be "the Bayly Brothers" (or something like that) and just sign your names at the end of your posts?

And too, isn't it great that He notices even the smallest things? After all, not even a sparrow falls to the ground without Him seeing it. It really is a tremendous message of His love and care for us.

Are you absolutly positive thats a blue bird because my mom and I were bird waching and we have one in my backyard and she didn't know what it was. But it dosn't look like a blue bird.

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