The Nature of the Beast....

It's the nature of sin to mutate. Macroevolution may only be true one place in the universe, but it's fundamentally correct as a description of sin's nature.

Alter one gene from God's pattern--say the gene that says that women are life-givers, carers, not warriors--and you end up having to accept sodomites in the military as well. A condition which is not sinful (femininity, womanhood) brought into a sinful context (combat, the armed forces) mandates the extension of such admission to that which IS inherently sinful.

General Pace's recent protest against openly homosexual soldiers comes unhinged at his lack of protest against women in combat. We may sympathize with him in his predicament and admire his forthrightness on homosexuality, but in the end he's little more courageous than those mainline "evangelicals" who permitted women into the pastoral ranks only to object to the subsequent admission of sodomites.

We've already seen the effects of this mutation in the church. Absolutely every argument made for the admission of women to pastoral ministry has been made for the extension of the pastoral call to homosexuals. The military can expect no less.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave....


General Pace didn't need to object to women in combat.....He's a Marine. Marines don't allow women in the combat arms fields.

Moreover, I wonder if he does object, but knows it'll end his career if he does so publicly. Not that this excuses silence, but it's certainly an incentive to keep things quiet.

It's more than just the end of his career--he's chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff--he's at the pinnacle of his career. It's the relationship between the military and civil authority. Women in the military is a reality that has been decreed by congress (gays in the military is not YET such a reality). As a result, General Pace can comment on gays in the military, but commenting publically on the subject of women in miliatry is potentially mutinous. In our country, the military submit's too civil authority it does not challenge it.

General Pace can moderate the implementation of the policy regarding women in the military to some degree, but he cannot refuse to implement it. (If you want to know what General Pace thinks about that subject, once again, look to the Marines--of all the services, the Marines have been the most conservative when it comes to integrating women into the combat arms arena). However, when all is said and done, General Pace has two choices; he can resign, or he can follow the dictates of the government he serves. This is a good thing. There are countries where the military leadership does NOT submit to civilian leadership. Fortunately, we don't live in such a place.

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