The aggressive sodomite group, Soulforce, is trying to shame biblical Christians across the country by organizing civil rights demonstrations on the campuses of colleges and seminaries that affirm God's condemnation of sodomy:

You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination. (Leviticus 18:22)

It seemed fairminded for us to agree with the repeal of sodomy laws, didn't it? Living in the tragic shadow of AIDS, we showed ourselves so compassionate. Sodomites claimed their civil rights were, in practice, second-class and that didn't seem right. Consequently, we sought the repeal of the laws prohibiting sodomy on the books of the vast majority of states across our nation. It was a Christian cause.

So, what did it get us? Moral capital with God? A "compassionate conservative" label in our nation's capital? A reputation for being kinder, gentler, reasonable? We're not fundies; we're "thoughtful Christians," right?

And what did it get sodomites? Did legalization of sodomy decrease their temptations? Did it make their sin safer? Did it decrease their rate of substance abuse or suicide? Would Christians thinking through the matter biblically, taking into account the immortality of the soul and our coming Judgment, claim the repeal of these laws was spiritually constructive for those suffering under this great evil?

No, our dear brothers and sisters who struggle with this particular temptation are only worse off due to our compromise with political correctness.

And what about us? Well, we see who needs help with their civil rights, now; and who will need ever more help with them in the future. As C. S. Lewis said, they'll tell you that you can have your religion in private, then they'll make sure you're never alone.


They are about to hit Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA. Here is an email sent out from the President Nielson of Covenant College...

Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 17:30:01 -0400
Subject: A Matter for Prayer

Equality Ride Update from President Nielson

As mentioned last month, a homosexual rights group called Soulforce is sponsoring a national bus tour of dozens of Christian colleges this spring called the Equality Ride. Covenant did not invite the Equality Ride to campus; rather, Equality Ride officials informed Covenant that the Ride would come to Covenant's campus on April 2. We proposed a letter of agreement that outlined a schedule, including dialogue with students, faculty, and administrators, and guidelines for the day. Equality Ride officials refused our offer and stated that they will be prepared to trespass if Covenant does not allow them on campus property. To read about how the College plans to respond to Equality Ride, read the statement dated March 27 at Background materials and links to resources are available on this webpage also. We humbly ask for your prayers for the Equality Ride event.

They were on Southern Seminary's campus recently outside Dr. Mohler's office.

whoops...I didn't see the links at the beginning...sorry

Hey Tim, this group is about to hit my alma mater next week. I have three kids there as students right now. Not a happy prospect.

I am not sure how the administration plans to react, but I noticed that at Southern Seminary there was some of the ongoing 'play nice' response, with students offering the group bottled water and so on. I am wondering if this is the best response. It might be better to ask for police protection against trespassing laws and instruct the students to ignore these fellows.

We live in perilous times.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Mr. Johnson,

What if the students offered bottled water AND a tract on the issue?

No, I guess that wouldn't be "nice"--although it would be Godly, yes?

David says: "And what did it get sodomites?"

Answer: They were told that it is OK to put your hand in the cookie jar, when their conscience was saying it was wrong.

"Did legalization of sodomy decrease their temptations?"

Ans: No, it put fuel to the fire actually.

"Did it make their sin safer?"

Ans: Safe sin... what is that?

"Did it decrease their rate of substance abuse or suicide?"

Ans: I have no idea about the statistics, but I suspect no.

"Would Christians thinking through the matter biblically, taking into account the immortality of the soul and our coming Judgment, claim the repeal of these laws was spiritually constructive for those suffering under this great evil?"

Ans: Now your hitting the right nail with the right hammer. (Probably a California framer with a hickory handle.)

[Sarcastically speaking]Don't you know that the laws of the coming judgment have been changed? God will not condemn the gay. Why he loves the sinner and hates the sin... oops I forgot we no longer call man to man sex sin.

[Non-sarcastically speaking] Too many bible believing Christians believe in a man centered gospel which rarely, if ever, thinks about the coming judgment, or the laws of the coming judgment for that matter. God’s laws don’t change… unless you believe a man-centered gospel (which is no gospel at all). And the man-centered gospel wants people to feel good about themselves in the here and now. So we change the laws in the here and now, because we don’t really believe in the eternal, unchanging laws of the coming judgment.

Equality Ride>>>

Hmmm. Interesting name. Like, we put sex distinctions in a blender, and we all come out the same, equal? After all, it's just a matter of plumbing in the first place, isn't it?

So, what's the big deal? ...some might think...

Those who have already accepted the "plumbing" definition of sexuality will have a hard time telling a practicing homosexual that they are sinning.

As the CBE likes to remind us, the Bible is all about equality, after all.

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