Being raised in a publisher's home and married to a publisher's daughter, I try to keep up with debates over the ethics of journalism. One conviction developed over the years is that corrections should not be buried, but displayed prominently.

What that means with a blog, though, is not as simple as the New York Times. The Times does not display its corrections on page one unless those corrections are news on the order of their Jayson Blair affair. This blog, though, has no page two and no weekly "Week in Review." Rather than burying our corrections on old pages no longer visible, I'm calling attention here to clarifications and corrections I've just posted to a couple different posts dealing with Bryan Chapell and Covenant Theological Seminary.

Bryan and I met for a number of hours Wednesday night and had a frank exchange of our views. Following our time together, I believed these clarifications and corrections were necessary. They may be found on our Covenant Seminary page.


Wow! You guys are being a good example to me and the body of Christ.

Thank you for these encouraging words and clarifications - though it's really none of my business, but how one denomination goes affects the whole body.

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