The best laid schemes o' mice an' men...


A young father of four, not in our congregation, sent me this picture to announce that he and his wife are now expecting their fifth. He added the following comments:

The bedside table just as I found it (okay, I turned the book around so I could read the cover) the day (my wife) phoned me with the news. God moves in mysterious ways.


Yeah, that book (and all the accessories also pictured above) worked for us too. My wife and I have been married 15 months... and have a beautiful 5-month old baby boy.

Ha! that book worked for us too... although not exactly as we were expecting.

Use FAM! It doesn't work!

(Just kidding. It works very well. The book told us we were in a "potential" window of time...)

We also have a 5 mo. old baby. Psalm 127 is joyfully proved to us every day.

My wife and I have three grown children and five grand children. We didn't have a book, however with a little effort we figured it out.

My twins were back for one week, spring break at at college, and were hurting. No, not the studies, but the college life. The not fitting in. The immorality. The damaged lives of their friends.
They spend the day talking to all their siblings. Rambling through the woods in the pre-spring season of buds and birds. Just trying to work out the wordless reasons for hope, and love and beauty that were trashed at school.
My wife woke me up at 5 this morning from a dream. They were small again. She could hold both of them up against her face "cheeky-cheeky" again. And over breakfast we mourned the loss of childhood, and yet, yet we were proud they had grown, that they had earned their scholarships to school, that they were learning the hard parts of adulthood: the loneliness, the coldness, the self-assured hardness that we call "being grown-up".
"Three children in college", I told her, "six more to go."
"Yes", she said. And from the shine in her eyes, I knew this was her mission, her calling, her goal. To be made for this, and to do it, even perhaps by accident or Divine Providence but certainly not by our planning, to do it and do it well. That was success.
If only, I thought, my career could have been so successful.

You miss the irony of this scene without the context. After three children in four years, we took a little break. Five years latter we were ready again and had our fourth. This book and the charts underneith were to help us AVOID having another little one for a while. The positive result showing on the pregnancy test was not initially the results we were looking for, but we would not have it any other way.

God moves in mysterious ways by working his sovereign will despite our best laid schemes.

Rob--A beautifully written essay. I want to comment on one phrase: "The not fitting in" [with the others at college, because of their beliefs and actions]. A quote from Elisabeth Elliot has been a great comfort to me many times over the years, and maybe it will help your twins as well. Mrs. Elliot said,

"If your goal is purity, be prepared to be thought quite odd."

Chris, I thought I got it, then I read some comments and second guessed myself... oh wait, I did get it! Congratulations brother.

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