A son of the church glorifying God...

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Some of the greatest blessings God give us are daughters and sons of the covenant who live by faith, honoring God and His Word. What joy they bring to our lives as they pick up the baton and run!

Here's a front-page story from the Indianapolis Star about one of Church of the Good Shepherd's sons who has decided not to compete in the regional Scripps spelling bee this year because the bee, sponsored by Bloomington's local paper, the Herald Times, has been changed from Saturday to Sunday. The paper's publisher, E. Mayer Maloney Jr., has been intransigent in the matter, despite the willingness of his subordinates to do the work necessary to keep the bee on Saturday.

The significance of all this is that the son of our church, Elliot Huck, has won the last two competitions and gone to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. each year, placing 45th this past year. Since then, Elliot's spent many hundreds of hours preparing for this year's competition, which would have been his last. Then, a couple weeks ago, the paper announced they were changing the day of the week the competition would be held, and E. Mayer Maloney Jr. has planted his feet...

The whole thing's sad and wonderful, at the same time. What faith!

Read Elliot's testimony. And if you want to write to commend Elliot for his witness and faith, just post comments here and he'll see them.

Incidentally, it's no accident that this story ran at the paper where well-known Christian journalist and World Journalism Institute instructor, Russ Pulliam, works.