Well, the Jobster's done it. Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, has just announced the iPhone. For looks and size, check it out.

No price yet, but it runs on Cingular, has 8 gigs of memory, a 2MP camera, serves as an iPod playing music in iTunes (because it comes loaded with--get this--Mac OSX). It's a video player 3.5 inches in widescreen mode that automatically switches from portrait to landscape, and back. And it all operates by a new innovative touchscreen. Five hour battery life talking and playing videos, sixteen hours as an iPod playing music.

Other things: 3G, Bluetooth (2.0), WiFi (autodetect), EDGE, Google Maps (including satellite images), must have GPS since it knows where you are, Safari browsing, HTML E-mail...

Price: $499 for 4GB, $599 for 8GB. Doesn't ship until June.

Friends, this is likely to be a killer that equals the iPod. Apple stock currently up $6.11 (11%) since beginning of Jobster's keynote in San Francisco today, at 9 AM SF time.

Name change: It's no longer Apple Computer, Inc., but just-plain-ol Apple, Inc.

Prediction 1: lots of suits are going to be using Mac OSX...

Prediction 2: despite corporate and consumer America's love affair with Apple's products and the Jobster; and despite Al Invented-the-Internet Gore's reassurances that all Apple's execs, particularly Steve Jobs, are squeaky clean on this predating stock options scandal; the fat lady hasn't sung, yet. And I'm guessing she's filling her diaphragm with air and it won't be a happy note she lets loose. Everything I've read says, no matter how many of America's blue chip companies did it, the practice was fraud and stockholders suffered.



I hate Cingular. Even if I had the money to buy one of these new toys (and I decidedly DO NOT have the $$), Cingular would be a deal killer.

Last Month PC mag had a "Mac" phone someone had hacked. It looked nicer.

Regarding the "back-dating" of options, I'm actually surprised that it's the SEC, and not boards of directors, raising **** over this. Paying someone for nothing is simply bad business--should a board that doesn't crack down on this be trusted to manage any company?

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