Boise State/Oklahoma: The mighty have fallen...

Late-breaking news from our killjoy department: Fox Sports now wants you to pay $2.99 to watch the game again, so any links that aren't working can be filled in by going to the next to last link where all the highlights should still be available.

Note: Of all the things we're thankful for in 2006 (and there are very many), one of the best is the one year furlough two CGS missionary families are spending here in the US, the David and Terri Wegener and the Grant and Deb Olson families. The Olsons lived here in Bloomington until just before Christmas, and now are down in Florida. The Wegeners are here in Bloomington all year, close to David's parents, Jonathan and Sally, and David's brother, Tim, who is an elder at CGS and whose wife, Anne, has a blog well worth reading.

Last night, our youngest son, Taylor, spent the evening with David and Terri's son, John. They were playing one of our family's favorite games, Dutch Blitz, while watching the Boise State/Oklahoma game. If you can believe it, David sent the boys to bed and they missed ...well, I'll let David tell you what they missed. Here's his report sent by E-mail first thing this morning, with video highlights from YouTube.

I made Taylor and the kids go to bed at 11:30 and now your son and John are going to kill me. They were playing Dutch Blitz and watching the Boise State-Oklahoma game and it turned into a barn-burner, almost like the Plano East game on YouTube. [One of the best football videos I've (Tim) ever seen, but the language is bad at one point.] It was boring when they went to bed: 28-17 Boise State winning, but then Oklahoma got a field goal, so 28-20. That's when they went to bed. Then Oklahoma scored with time running out; now it's 28-26 and they go for a two-point conversion to tie. The first attempt ended with a penalty against Boise State so they get to try again. The next attempt was another penalty, this time against Oklahoma and somehow they get to try again, but now from farther out. This time Oklahoma makes it, so now it's tied 28-28.

Still almost two minutes left to go and Boise State's fifth year senior quarterback goes to work from around his own 20 yard line. On one of the first plays, he and his receiver get mixed up on what route was to be run. The quarterback thinks the receiver is doing an out to the sideline, but the receiver heads down field. The defender intercepts the pass and runs it back 30 yards for a touchdown; Oklahoma kicks it and now leads 35-28. The star quarterback is now the goat.

The papers this morning say that ten teammates came up to him and told him, there's still a lot of time left, you can do it...

And he did. He went to work with 1:04 left on the clock. They march down the field, with a few mis-steps mixed in with some gains and get to a 4th down and 18 yards to go at the 50 yard line and not much time left and then they pull out a trick play. The quarterback went back to pass, the line gives good protection and he hits a receiver at Oklahoma's 35 yard line. The receiver is coming from the left and going across the field, headed right; tacklers are all around him and more are converging. But then he laterals to a teammate who was on the right and crosses behind him moving left. The defense can't reverse directions and he scores with 7 seconds left in the game; they kick the extra point and so now it's 35-35. Boise State does a squib kick and tackle Oklahoma forcing an overtime.

Rules for overtime: Each team gets a possession starting at their opponents 25 yard line. After each team has had a chance, the team that is ahead wins. If it's still a tie, they try the same thing again.

Oklahoma loses the coin toss and goes on offense first. On their first play in the overtime, they give it to their running back and he makes a great run and scores; Oklahoma kicks it and the score is now 42-35. Boise State has to score or it loses.

They make a couple of feeble attempts and get only a few yards. Then they make a play and get a first down at the 13 yard line. They get it a bit closer, but it doesn't look good. Then they do another trick play. They put in another guy at quarterback and split the normal quarterback out to the left. At the snap, the normal quarterback fades back and everyone expects the new quarterback to pass it to the normal quarterback who will then pass it to a receiver in the end zone. But the new quarterback fakes that play and then rolls to his right and passes to a burly tight end in the end zone for a touchdown. Amazing and gutsy.

Now the score is 42-41 and Boise State is going to put it all on the line and go for the two point conversion and the win. Make it they win, miss it they lose, none of this tie stuff for them. Remember, Boise State is in Idaho where no one lives, people just hunker down in cabins all winter. They went undefeated this year, but were only ranked 9th in the country, because, after all, who did they win all those games against? Nobody. So they don't get to play Ohio State for the BCS championship, but have to play 7th ranked Oklahoma. So they are the classic underdogs. The only thing that would have made it more dramatic would be if Boise State's quarterback had revealed just before game-time that he was playing for his kid sister who is back in a hospital in Idaho with a fatal disease.

What do they do for the two-point conversion? Another trick play. Three wide receivers line up on the right; they've got to be going right. At the snap one of the receivers steps back and the quarterback passes to him; at least that's what everyone thought was happening. Only it was a fake. As the quarterback brings down his arm, holding the ball, a running back takes it from him and runs left, into the end zone. Boise State wins the game, 43-42. The goat is redeemed, the underdog wins, the mighty have fallen and all is right with the world.

Here are all the highlights.

And yes, finally, how could we leave out the after-game proposal of Boise State's Ian Johnson to his sweetheart, Chrissy Popadics.


And of course the man who scored the winning two point conversion goes on to propose to his girl friend on national television who proceeds to say yes.

What a game that was! Though I was not on either side I found compelled to "Pull" for Boise State. Both teams played their hearts out and in this situation, it is too bad that there must always be a loser!

Yah...Grant and Deb went to Florida?

Living in Perpetual Surprise,

This is why football is my favorite sport to watch..... Suzi


Sorry for the caps, trying to make it noticed

We watched every minute from our family room in Oklahoma City. We are more OSU (Oklahoma State) fans so we were pulling for the underdogs. Now that YouTube has pulled the clips from their site, go to Fox Sports and download the whole game for $2.99. Took an hour and a half to down load but well worth it. My five sons and I watched the last quarter and overtime again tonight. I argue this may be one of the three greatest college games ever.

Egad, that's amazing. I saw the score, and was simply impressed that Boise State had won at all. I didn't know they'd done it with three trick plays. That is so cool.

Dear Archie and Robert:

Archie, I was rooting for the underdogs, as probably most were who had no Oklahoma ties.

And Robert, I think you're right placing the game so highly. The game reminded me of the Duke-Kentucky basketball game (1994 NCAA regional final?) when Jamal Mashburn was playing for Kentucky and Laettner-Hurley were playing for Duke.

Coach K.'s assessment after Laettner hit the last second shot still sticks in my mind: "Did that really happen?"

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