USA Today highlights Christian Christmas gifts...

Two articles in the December 14th USA Today titled "Faith's purchasing power" and "Christian groups spar over video game" will contribute to mainstream America's understanding of followers of Jesus Christ. Here, from the sidebar to "Faith's purchasing power," is USA Today's description of one of the products we Christians crave:

Prayer Circle Friends $19.99: A Christian spin on the Build-A-Bear toy idea. Kids create a stuffed lamb, bear or dog and add a prayer audio chip ($7.99) they record themselves. Along with a prayer journal, "it's a great tool for parents who want to teach their children how to pray and why they should pray every day," says Cliff Bartow [president of Grand Rapids-based (and Zondervan nee Harper-Collins nee NewsCorp nee Rupert Murdoch-owned) Family Christian Stores].


What is your opinion on this sort of thing? Personally, I have been struggling with the spin/hype factor I see in Christian marketing, ie. emergent churchs promises to be known and know other people or "Summit" youth programs that present themselves as a great adventure when often they are devoid of any real summit like experiences beyond Christian rock concerts that remind me more of Grateful Dead shows than heartfelt worship of God. This commercialization of Christianity adds to low grade cynicism that I already have to confess.

My cynicism for this stuff is already full blown. Money changers in the temple.



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