Senator Kerry's gaffe: out of the heart...

Charles Peters is founder of the Washington Monthly and still writes the "Tilting at Windmills" column in each issue. On his blog, Peters comments on Kerry's gaffe about stupid people being the ones who end up in Iraq. For years, Peters has been arguing that our nation should implement a class-blind mandatory draft, and I agree. As Peters sees it, our armed forces should be composed of a representative cross-section of our nation's citizens; every American citizen should make some patriotic contribution to his motherland; and we would all benefit by having one two-year period when members of each of our social classes would be integrated as they work, eat, sleep, shower, and fight.

Anyhow, Peters thinks Kerry made an honest mistake, but I think it was a Freudian slip. (And if you're interested, here's a 1989 piece by Michael Kinsley opposing Peters' proposal for a national draft.)



Dear Tim:

So who is James Webb?

I don't know that I'm against an across-the-board draft, per se...I am a former USAF officer. But the problem with ANY draft is that in this day and age, it would include our daughters and wives...guaranteed! And because of that, I have to oppose it with every strand of my being.


Agreed, Charlie. Did you read the sentence in my comment under Peters' post dealing with women and the draft? (Scroll down the page to the bottom, and it's there.)

And David, James Webb is the author of "Born Fighting," which is the book I'm alluding to. Here's his web page:

Hi Tim,

I didn't link over to Peters' post, so I didn't see your response there. I was basing my response upon your unqualified statement in your own post that said simply, "I agree."

Glad to see you don't agree!!!


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