After initial denial, Haggard admits gay massage and meth purchase...

We started getting tons of hits from Google this afternoon for this post made on November 15, 2005, and this post from April 1, 2006. Then, tonight I noticed we're getting traffic from a link on Daily Kos under a post detailing Ted Haggard's resignation as President of the National Association of Evangelicals and his taking a leave of absence as Senior Pastor of New Life in Colorado Springs.

After denying the charges, initially, Haggard is now admitting that he paid a sodomite prostitute to give him a massage and purchased meth from him. But he denies having "sex" with the man and said he didn't actually use the meth, but threw it out.

Haggard is on administrative leave from New Life while an investigatory committee of local pastors weighs the charges.

Lord, have mercy.


Can you post a link or the text of Haggard's statement? The version I heard on the radio tonight sounded like it had been edited, it sounded very clintonesque.



My initial response to this story was disappointment and disgust. However, this did not last long.

I really feel heartbroken when I see Christians fall to sexual sin. I feel so angry about sin and Satan when these situations take place. Of course, we should always be praying that Christians would not fall into sin. But, it is so important to pray for our pastors and leaders so much more, because I think Satan's attacks are that much more intense against them.

Sure, I am disappointed with Haggard's actions, but I will have him in my prayers and believing that on the other side of this, he will truly learn not only of consequences and judgement, but also of the Lord's compassion and love for him.

Unfortunately, like many other Christian men and women, he will most likely learn that the price of sexual sin is higher than he could have ever imagined. He needs our prayers.

Everybody feels evil inner desires. But do we call them by their right name ("sin") call on Christ to sanctify our spirits, and fall back in hope on His forgiving grace, no matter how much they jerk us around like rag-dolls? Or do we ignore and excuse those desires, and let them grow like a melanoma we keep pretending is just a liver spot, until they kill us?

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