Not that old yet....

I noticed Doug Wilson's picture of his eleventh grandchild on his blog. Tim also has posted pictures of his grandchildren here. It seems it's OK for barrel-chested bloggers to get all mushy over grandchildren.

I'm not there yet. I note for the record that Cheryl and I haven't yet given up hope of receiving our sixth. We've not entered the doting-on-the-grandkids stage of decline, our pulse still beats.


Oh, come on! If children are a blessing, grandchildren must be a blessing without responsibility. Don't think of it as being "Gramps," think of it as being "Daddy Emeritus."

You must have ugly grandkids (ha ha -- I'm just taunting, to try to get you to relent and post pictures.)


Dear Brother Keith,

Man, can't you read???!! I ain't got none yet.>>>>> But I'll try to get one of me with my daughters and put it up.

Your friend in Christ,


Whoops. I read "I'm not there yet" as you saying you weren't yet *willing* to dote on your grandkids, not that you didn't have any.

Keith, that's unimaginable. The whole point of grandkids is to dote on them. :)

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