"And viola!" you've got a Harley-Davidson...

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For years I've been asking why the entire country has to live with the EPA's noise pollution standards, but the guys riding Harleys don't? Everything else on the road purrs now, while Harley's continue to burp and belch and clink and rattle. You can be trucking down the road, even next to an eighteen wheeler on an interstate, and carry on a conversation with the others in your car. But when a Harley comes along the talk stops until you pass him or he passes you. His pipes violate every noise pollution ordinance in the country, but what--he gets a pass because he's driving a Harley slapped together in the good old US of A? All the foreign brands have to toe the line. No straight pipes blasting explosions from their rear for BMWs, Hondas, Yamahas, Ducatis, or Moto Guzzis.

So no, I don't admire Harleys or the poseurs who ride them--although I might consider making an exception for Chuck and Luci Swindoll.

If you've read this far, you might as well go all the way and check out this article titled, "Why a Harley Davidson Isn't a Real American Motorcycle." But watch out--it uses Lutherian language that will be offensive to many. Here's an excerpt selected by Jeff Moore to get you started:

I think I've finally figured out just *WHY* Harley Davidson motorcycles are so popular... Harley Davidson isn't a motorcycle company, it is a cult religion. You don't ride a Harley Davidson so much as you worship it. You and every other little acolyte. A Harley Davidson is a rolling altar to mediocrity, you bend your knees and you pray to a pagan idol of chrome and leather for the pitiful life that you glean from it. That is the only way that I can see why so many people are so clueless when it comes to motorcycles. They can't stand on their own, they aren't tough enough to be individuals, so they have to reinforce their own self image with artificial constructs. Joseph Campbell would have a field day with the average Harley owner, I think that Harley Davidson is another of the 'masks of God' that Campbell once talked about so richly, or one of the supposed nine thousand names for God.

Harley Davidson. It's not a motorcycle company. It is a pagan cult religion...

PS: If the stringed instrument in my title is giving you a facial tic, note the quote marks. Then search the article and you'll find that same instrument.