Turn and face the strange...

On our way home from the ordination and installation of Andy Halsey several weeks ago, Mary Lee and I stopped in Nashville, TN, to overnight with Doug and Heather and their three sons. Monday we decided to have tacos before leaving for Bloomington and so we drove down a couple blocks from their house to the intersection of Nolensville Pike and Elysian Fields, just a hop, skip, and a jump from the zoo. While we ate, we noticed this sign. No one would bat an eye if it read, "We speak Spanish." But instead, it announces the extraordinary fact that, if they have to, they can do English!

We whites of northern european extraction have chosen money over babies, drugging our marital beds into sterility. We've aborted some forty million or so of our children. Meanwhile, Roman Catholic hispanics make fruitful love and our nation is becoming their nation. Graciously, though, they reassure their elderly Protestant friends who are dying out, "We speak English."

Almost, I don't mind.


What is it?

You'd expect the sign to say, "We speak Spanish."

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