Sex differences go deep?

This morning's headline reads, "Gene study shows sex differences go deep."

My first response is "Why sex differences?" I thought 'sex' had been replaced by 'gender'? But then I guess when we talk about genes even the chattering classes know we're not talking about a social construct, but God's biological marking that's either man or woman. So just for a moment, we're back to the word 'sex.'

My second response is, "Duh!"

We're visiting Doug (our son-in-law), Heather, and family here in Nashville and last night after dinner, Heather, Mary Lee, and Cassie drove out of the city limits to buy fireworks for the Taylor Family Reunion while the men stayed home and babysat the children, right?

Wrong. The men--Doug, Taylor, and I--made the pilgrimage out of town.

And on our way home, I saw a man driving a pickup that was a year or two old, all buff (the pickup), pulling a trailer holding about six 4X8 sheets of particle board, some eight foot pieces of trim, and a few other pieces of wood. I wondered out loud why the man didn't just put the wood in his pickup?

Well, any idiot knows he didn't want to mess up the bed of his pickup.

But then the trailer was pretty buff too--brand new and painted white. Why was he taking the risk of scratching his new trailer? I would have hitched a second trailer behind the first, an old trailer past its prime...

It's in our genes.


So what is the point of having a pickup in the first place if you're going to pull a trailer to haul stuff? Can't you buy a liner for the bed of the truck to protect it?

Funny story, nonetheless.

I love the gender vs. sex distinctions. Stand-up comedian Gallagher used to mock bodybuilders saying that it makes no sense to be so strong you can't move. I say we have a lot of people at our universities who are so educated they can't think.

Perhaps the driver of the truck wanted to be able to drop off the load of supplies and leave the site without having to unload them.

Or, like you said, maybe he just didn't wanna scratch up the bed of his truck. :)

Hope you are enjoying your visit to our fair city.

It makes perfect sense to me. Why not drive around all of your cool stuff to show off the possessions? It is just good old fashioned chest feather puffing. It would probably be a little more obvious if the guy has a bright yellow truck with flames shooting down the sides!

The stupid thing about the article is it starts out using the right terminology - "sex differences" and then starts harping on about the the findings impact the way health professionals manage cases according to GENDER.

"This research holds important implications for understanding disorders such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity, and identifies targets for gender-specific therapies," said Jake Lusis...

These guys are so confused, they need to start getting a real understanding of "sex" and not simply equate the word with what they watch on MTV. If they understand gender as a social construct, while our biological "sex" has big implications for health treatment (as obviously it does), then surely gender is going to have to be an irrelevant word for health professionals. And hopefully, once they accept this, the word will also be made redundant for the rest of us.

Oh Scott... you obviously don't own a truck. Any idiot knows that the best bed liners are Rhino linings. Furthermore, the same idiot also knows that those are permanently sprayed on and become the actual bed of your truck. So when you scratch the Rhino lining, you scratch what is permanently visible. Trying to find a good liner that's capable of protecting your truck bed without inherently ruining it is ridiculous (though not impossible... my brother has an awesome one), so why bother? Even the best ones allow water to get in underneath and unchecked can cause rust damage. My truck came with a rather embarassing rubber liner that I've not replaced- reason being the ease with which I can remove it to clean underneath it. Homie with the trailor was right on, just so long as his horses are sufficient to pull the beast. The problem with buying a trailor is that you can't buy a weenie one, so you better be sure to have a big enough rig to haul it and whatever gargantuan load you can envision yourself hauling on top of it (vehicles? heavy machinery? tree trunks? caterpillars? small houses? very small rocks? churches?). It wouldn't surprise me if the trailor was purchased for an older truck that was soon found to be inadequate and the new truck was bought to fit the trailer...

If it makes that sexual differences are genetic then why is it so difficult to believe that racial differences are genetic?



If it makes sense that sex differences are genetic that extend beyond the way we look then why is it so difficult to believe that there genetic differences among the races that extend beyond the way we look?


Would you say then that hair color is genetic and extends beyond the way we look?

Because two of the most intelligent women I know are blonde.

Ah, the Little Geneva trolls are back.

Go crawl back into your sewer.

JC aksed

Would you say then that hair color is genetic and extends beyond the way we look?

Larry responds,

Hair color is but one characteristic of a whole complex of genetic characteristics. When that whole complex of genetic characteristics are considered together, then the answer is 'yes.'

JC offers,

Because two of the most intelligent women I know are blonde.


My wife and sister are both blond and intelligent. Small world.

Are you kidding me? Differences in protein production and you're talking about the anatomy of who drives the pickup trucks to buy the illegal fireworks for the kids to burn their hands off with? I applaud the efforts of geneticists in this area. In many cases they do swim upstream from some of the PC fools. But it is not theirs to prove that women belong at home leading homeschools for the brainwashing of their children. It is theirs to prove that certain diseases can be treated in certain ways. It sounds (from the article, which I can only assume you read since you linked to it) like they actually hope to benefit women directly, regardless of whose male leadership such women fall under. I keep reading this blog because I have to remind myself that there really are a bunch of people like you out there. What shockingly irresponsible, grossly misplaced priorities!

To Larry Fine,

Tell Moe and Curly I said hello. NYUK! NYUK! NYUK!

One real reason to use a trailer, at least with a short bed pickup, is that your load can bend around the tailgate.

That said, however, real men fall in love with their pickups and keep them for years, and don't worry much about a scratch or two. I almost dare draw a comparison to marriage. :^)

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