A pastoral context for our posts...

Our longtime friend and sister in the faith, Elizabeth, just posted a comment recommending that we encourage our readers to listen to our sermons, the better to get a context for our writing. She writes:

To a casual observer this blog might give the impression that your conservatism is about being on the right side of the culture wars. And then too you have sympathizers posting that they'd rather be Baptists because at least then people would know where they stand on hot-button social issues. Your friend's second paragraph shows he is sympathetic to this outlook. ...I suggest you point him (and your general readership) to your recorded sermons, and start posting more here about the central doctrinal content of the faith, so that there will be no mistake as to whether your Christianity is merely a question of the best alternative to feminism, communism, corporate America, etc. Don't, like so many other American evangelicals, underestimate the dangers of a merely moral religion. Rome will beat you at it every time.

This is wise advice. So here is a link to David's 2006 sermons, and here is a link to my own. Recently, David has been preaching a series on idolatry, while I'm coming to the end of preaching through Galatians.

Readers might be particularly interested in three sermons I recently did on Galatians 6:1,2 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) focussing on the biblical doctrine of the church and the threats to that doctrine posed within the conservative reformed, or evangelical world. I'd encourage readers to listen to all three sermons, but if you only have time for one, make it Part 3.


I thought I was a Baptist because of theological positions I accept, but I can understand the confusion. :^)

Ironically, though, most of the social issues leaders I can name (Dobson, D. James Kennedy, Robertson, etc..) are not Baptists. Oh well.

This Baptist has particularly enjoyed David's series on idolatry. Some sobering and provocative content.

I appreciated this quote:

"In the godly, fear and love embrace."

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