Losers, weepers...

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On the one hand, you have Zinedine Zidane; on the other, David Beckham. If you're a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal's online edition and can get past their annoying moneymaking hurdles, google the title "Losers Weepers Quentin Letts" and click on the WSJ link that comes up as the first result. It's excellent commentary on the "lachrymose blubbing" of soccer superstar and England team captain David Beckham following England's defeat to Portugal in the World Cup's quarter final. Here's a teaser:

(Beckham's weepy) antics have pleased liberals. The Guardian, house journal of Britain's progressives, praised his "new manishness." Voices on the right also discerned a political dynamic. Richard Littlejohn, a shock-jock columnist on the Daily Mail, thought that Mr. Beckham's "metrosexual orgy of grief" had come to represent the "feminised, feel-your-pain drivel" of the left. He called Mr. Beckham and his team mates "nancy boys."