God is merciful...

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Apropros to nothing and no one--or, rather, everything and everyone...

It is God's character to be merciful to miserable sinners, and we need that mercy--each of us. Having experienced that mercy, we are generous with one another showing the same mercy to our brothers we first received from Him. How can we be sons without demonstrating a tiny smidgen of our Father's character?

Mercy will avoid saying everything that could be said. It will avoid putting the worst construction possible on another's words and actions. It will refrain from returning good for evil. It will not keep track of a wrong done by another; it will not wait until the perfect moment with the perfect audience to be punitive.

Neither will mercy protect others from pain at any cost. Compassion often demands admonition and rebuke. We love souls, we want their best, so we warn them away from error and sin. This is Godly mercy no matter what others might think of it.

An admonition lovingly given with gentleness, yet keeping in mind the holiness of God, is one of the deepest expressions of mercy.

But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting anxiously for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life. And have mercy on some, who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh. (Jude 1:20-23)