Christian Booksellers Association (CBA): time for the chainsaws...

As CBA's annual trade show approaches, this year to be held in Denver, here's a post over at Pyromaniacs by Frank Turks worth reading. And here is the comment I left there:

When Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) started, it was quite small and insignificant with books at its heart. Now its constituents have sales each year in the billions, and books make up significantly less than half the market. (In fact, they've now changed the name to International Christian Retail Show.) This is part of the reason looking at Frank Turk's list of books and accompanying commentary doesn't come close to addressing the obscene reality of CBA.

For years, I've been telling my Wheaton publishing friends, authors, and relatives that it's time for us to go to CBA and rip it to shreds--chainsaws, sledhammers, leaf blowers, and belts. All the booths are so lightweight, made to travel, that in minutes we could reduce the whole thing to shambles. (Did you know each major evangelical publisher's booth likely cost them many hundreds of thousands of dollars?)

Anyhow, I tell my friends that when we finish obliterating the exhibits and displays in the exhibit hall, we'll get busted and have to do some time, for sure. But while we're led out in handcuffs, there will be a huge collective sigh of relief that washes across the exhibit hall, with everyone whispering to one another, "It was a nasty job, but somebody had to do it."

Most of the grand poobahs I've said this to laughed nervously, and agreed that it was a job that needed to be done. But only younger men with nothing to lose have offered to join me.


And only SOME of the younger men with nothing to lose have offered to help you.

I know that everyone will just write me off because I'm your son, but you can count me in. I don't quite have nothing to lose as I earn money by going to this event, but I've attended more than enough times to be completely sickened. The only redeeming aspect is that I once received free copies of the parodies "Right Behind" and "The Mantra of Jabez" from Canon Press.

It kind of hit a low last year when I found out the moment I walked onto the exhibit floor that, contrary to what I had heard in the past, in fact, a Lincoln Navigator is the "reason for the season." And all this time I had thought it was Jesus!

Excuse me while I barf all over the "Christian" ties, magnets, and desk organizers.

I'll be honest. I have no idea what the big deal is. The suggested measures seem a little extreme.

With that being said, I feel like I need to be a little bit more educated on the topic.

I'm in. Joseph and I will man the sleek and powerful "sledhammer". They won't know what hit them.

If you want to go to jail for destroying property, start with an abortion clinic, please.


"A little extreme" would have been an excellent description of Jesus clensing the temple. I mean really, was the whip necessary?

Well put, Eric, but do keep in mind that those men had wormed their way into the very narthex of the Temple sanctuary, so to speak. As "Pyro" points out in the link (or someone), if we had good preaching in the pulpit, the appetite for "Christian Kitsch" would plummet.

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