Busted for homeschooling; the EU rolls on...

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From across the pond--Belgium this time--here's news of the threat homeschooling represents to the real work of the modern Western state, as well as the drastic measures the apparatchiks are prepared to take to ensure their homogenizing enterprise continues unimpeded.

J. Oliver Buswell was president of Wheaton College when Mary Lee's and my parents were first students there, and after Wheaton's trustees fired him for his faithfulness to God's Word (I've read a fair bit of the private correspondence on this), he later taught Dad theology at Faith Theological Seminary. Buswell had done graduate work at Columbia University and told the story of being invited to attend a birthday party for John Dewey who was turning eighty. Dewey had served for years as a professor of philosophy there, and was the reigning patriarch of the progressive movement in education.

As Dad told Buswell's story, the talk at this party was of the ignorance of the masses, and the hope public education represented, that the masses' poor benighted children would be turned into good citizens through the enlightened instruction of teachers Dewey and his disciples trained.

I might add that in the years I've served as pastor here in the shadow of Indiana University, it's the School of Education that's received the most consistently negative reviews by the Christian students in our congregation. One young man working toward a teaching certificate in secondary education called it the School of Indoctrination.

(Thanks, David.)