The Wrong "Guy" for the BBC...

(Update: The BBC asked YouTube to remove its video of the interview. BBC's explanation and video of the incident is available here. Good video of the interview is also available here.)

Check out this video. The BBC was doing a breaking news segment on last week's British court decision in favor of Apple Computer in a lawsuit against ITunes by the Beatles' Apple Records.

Their hope was to have Guy Kewney, European editor of, comment live on BBC news. But when Guy Goma showed up for an employment interview with the BBC's IT department, the receptionist sent him right into the studio where they were live on camera.

The look on his face in the first few seconds is priceless.


Good cover, dude. He wasn't nearly as nervous as this guy being interviewed (the look on HER face is priceless, too):


It's probably the first time the BBC has had someone on that didn't have a liberal bias.

If you check the site again, the BBC has requested that they remove the video and we can no longer access it.

Pity. I never got to see it.

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