He got the finger..

True story: T_IFriday's just opened their first restaurant here in Bloomington. Last Friday, it took on a certain notoriety for serving a man a hamburger garnished with a finger tip. Meanwhile, one of the kitchen managers was on his way to the emergency room to get some stitches. Apparently, someone took the patron literally when he said he wasn't very hungry and asked for some finger food.

T_IFriday's spokeswoman, Amy Freshwater, soothed troubled waters, saying the restaurant would "absolutely not" suffer any loss of business because of the incident.

Whew, I was worried.


My desire to go to this restaurant again has been cut off, so to speak.

It's a good thing we chose Applebee's that night. We normally go to TGIFriday's on date nights. :)

This story is at cnn.com right now. Aren't you glad Bloomington is in the national news again?


So why the underscore? Is there a problem with Thank Goodness It's Friday?

Insert sarcastic emoticon here.

The CUSTOMER is supposed to leave the tip, not the kitchen manager. I would have expected human flesh to be served across the street at the China Buffet, or the Wendy's for that matter, but not good ol' Fridays. But I guess this is no time to point the finger, as it were.

I had to laugh at the false confidence of the spokeswoman who said the restaurant would absolutely not suffer any loss of business. That is why I got out of sales/marketing/PR, because I got sick of telling bold face lies.

To bad Tony Snow was hired by Bush, this lady would have fit right into to that job.

C'mon, who doesn't enjoy the occasional finger food?

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