Carolyn Custis James, Covenant College, and the Kaleo Center...

Just now we've added a new category to our index titled, "Frank/Carolyn Custis James." Having received a request earlier this evening for a compilation of everything written on this subject, we're happy to oblige. Clicking on this link will take our readers to a page that contains all the posts related to the James' time speaking at Covenant College on "Gender and the Church." Or, go to the left column, about halfway down, and click on the index entry, "Frank/Carolyn Custis James." (Pay particular attention to the more than 180 comments buried in these initial posts since much of the best content was contributed by our good readers and will be missed if readers coming lately to this subject skip the comments.)

Also, here is a statement, Responding to Gender Issues at Covenant College, written by President Niel Nielson and his wife, Dr. Kathleen Nielson, in response to criticisms of Mrs. James' teaching on sexuality given at Covenant and elsewhere.


Link check on the Nielson statement?

Have the James' made a direct statement on what position they hold to?

It just seems like colleges are going to have to draw up a specific creed to bring these folks out from hiding on this issue.

I don't think that this appeared in the comments before: this appears on the Kaleo Center site for talks sponsored last fall:

Kaleo Chapel
Women and Men Serving the Church Together
Monday, October 24, 11:00 AM
Angel Richard, Outreach and Women's Ministries,
Seven Rivers Presbyterian, Lecanto, FL
All Welcome

Kaleo Caf: Dinner & Discussion
Pursuing Full-time Christian Ministry
Monday, October 24, 6:00 - 9:00 PM on the Covenant College campus
Angel Richard, Outreach and Women's Ministries, Seven Rivers Presbyterian,
Lecanto, FL
Local Pastor, TBA
By application only
Junior/Senior Men and Women

Interesting choice of speaker, isn't it?

Gee, am I the only one who found it interesting that the paper "Responding to Gender Issues at Covenant College" was authored by Niel AND Kathleen Nielson? Last time I checked he was the president.

If people have asked whether it was appropriate to have an evangelical feminist address the students at Covenant then it would be the responsibility of the president to respond, not the president and his wife.

I think I see now why she was asked to speak. Although the letter says differently, the signature says it all.


Dr. B.

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