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From this week's PCA News and Resources, a weekly email publication of the Presbyterian Church in America:

PCA People in the News

PCA member David Radford is now an American Idol Top 10 finalist. He is the son of TE Bill Radford, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Lake in the Hills, Illinois. You can help David make it to the next by voting for him in this week's program.

Seems like a nice kid.


God help us.

Why vote? If he's predestined to win, it's already settled. :)

Arrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!! DAVID..

Here's a testimony about another American Idol finalist named Mandisa Hundley.

BTW, Are blogspot url's not allowed? Mine kept getting accused of being SPAM.

Mine, too. I just stick an extra "o" in and hope anybody who wants to follow the link is smart enough to catch it. :)

Dear Friends,

I don't know what triggers this problem. Actually, I've been unaware of this particular issue prior to now, but I've known of others having similar trouble. We don't run the server software and thus are hard pressed to alter things when this kind of problem crops up.



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