Wee Walter...

One of the most gifted artists I know is Ben Byers, a fine young member of Christ the Word (CTW). Last month Tim Varner, CTW's newsletter editor, asked Ben for a cartoon on church life in CTW. And, well... this was what Ben came up with.

If you'd like more information on Ben or his art, please contact me.

In the meantime, Baylyblog foes beware: a grand satiric artist is in our camp.




Most sincerely,

That's two of us. I have no idea what that strip is supposed to mean. It's well drawn, certainly. But satirical? Of what, exactly?

I hope this guy has a PAYING job. The New Yorker might buy it.

Unless Walter Hooper attends your church, what on earth does this cartoon have to do with church life at Christ The Word?

Dear John and Jack,

That's kind of the funny thing about it. It really has nothing much at all to do with church life at Christ the Word, but a good deal to do with popular Christian culture.

And yes, Jack, I think the New Yorker might buy it.

Ben introduced me to the comic book fiction genre, lending me Art Spiegelman's _Maus_ when he started attending CTW several years ago. Though he's a fine illustrator and painter, I think he ultimately aspires to comic book fiction.

Some time I'll put up a photo of a portrait he did of my wonderful wife Cheryl.


The art is fantastic. Keep it up, Ben.

Does he have a website?

Is this your idea of humor? I was able to muster up an English accent and pronounce the cartoon, but to find this humorous --- no.

My guess is the author didn't quite like the Disney Adaptation of Narnia.

Hope he sticks to his day job.

I think the first guy said it best...HUH?

Walter Hooper, executor of Lewis's estate, has met with great disapprobation from the late professor's fans for selling out his work.

Here's my stab at the cartoon's point: Hooper has allowed Lewis's work to be portrayed about as faithfully as if a Cockney accent had been placed in the beloved author's mouth. I don't know if Hooper himself has a Cockney accent, but perhaps the cartoonist is also suggesting (per the last panel) that Wee Walter is an uneducated thug.

Lewis, of course, did not despise all Cockneys (nor, I trust, does Mr. Byers). Witness King Frank and Queen Helen -- Narnia's first human monarchs -- a Cockney cabbie and housewife who exemplify the last becoming first and the lifing up of those who humble themselves.

Dear Valerie,

Bingo, I would guess.

Your brother in Christ,


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