Speaking of inflammatory cartoons...


I laughed out loud at this one. I LOVE satire...

But would the REAL Calvin go about urinating on everything he disapproved of, like on the window stickers? Certainly not in Servetus' case; too much risk of extinguishing him. :)


I do hope that your comment about Calvin and Servetus is not serious (as indeed your smile at the end seems to indicate).

Calvin has been accused for too long of burning Servetus at the stake. That harsh sentence was passed on Servetus by the Genevan city council in order to spite Calvin. Granted, Calvin was supportive of the execution (as you and I likely would have been had we lived in his day). Calvin, however, was not at all a harsh man (again, contrary to popular notions) and argued vigorously for a more humane method.

I always recommend to whomever will listen the book "Calvin: A Life" by Emmanuel Stickleburger. Find a used one on line. It is an excellent biography of Calvin that clarifies many of the errors of Calvin's most influential, but completely unsympathetic and Roman Catholic biographer, F.W. Kampshulte.

I was indeed being facetious, Stephen. It was just too good a chance to pass up. :)

Nobody will ever accuse me of excessive admiration of Calvin, but I do know that he tried to mitigate the burning, and that he was in step with his times in executing Servetus at all. I'll keep an eye out for the Stickleburger book. I haven't read the Kampshulte one either, but I'd be interested in a biography of Calvin that's neither hagiography nor calumny. Impartial histories of the Reformation era are hard to find.

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